Tepoztlan Carnival

The Tepotzlan Carnival is a famous attraction in its own right. In the state of Morelos, a short drive away from Mexico City, is the traditional pueblo of Tepoztlan, which each year hosts a fantastic celebration. For more than 150 years the Tepoztlan Carnival has been celebrated in the main square of this Mexican town, amid the fantastic views of the surrounding mountains. The Carnaval de Tepoztlan takes place each evening for a month-long celebration prior to Lent. Typically starting in the beginning of February and lasting through the beginning of March, Tepoztlan Carnival is one of the most vibrant celebrations in the area. While cities such as Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans, and Venice are commonly associated with the Carnival season, the celebrations in Mexico are festive as well. During your trip, you’re sure to see Tepoztlan Chinelos, the symbol of the Morelense people. These costumes began in 1870 with making fun of Spaniards and have lasted over time.

Carnaval in Mexico is celebrated a bit differently than in other countries. While the street parades and parties are similar, Carnaval is also about Christian celebrations and historical remembrances. Get ready for bright colors and live music during Carnaval de Tepoztlan, as the main plaza is covered with bright flags and tissue paper cut into intricate designs is everywhere. Each night party-goers hit the plaza wearing masks and paper hats, and spend the evening dancing to live music. Fireworks and confetti add even more atmosphere to the party, and this is all accompanied by tempting Mexican food and drink. Get ready to see Tepoztlan Chinelos, dance until dawn, and explore a true historic gem with your trip to this authentic Mexican pueblo.



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