Tepoztlan Hotels

Tepoztlan hotels offer a wide selection of choices for different budgets, amenities, and locations. Tepoztlan is a popular tourist destination outside Mexico City, and as it’s known for its spas and meditation benefits, it’s a great place to lie back, relax, and watch the world go by. Set against the natural beauty of the Mexican countryside and often traditional in style, every hotel in Tepoztlan Mexico provides a design that enhances the soothing nature of your surroundings. Although travelers typically choose hotels based on their budget, the variety of categories for Tepoztlan accommodation ensures a pleasant stay anywhere in town and the opportunity to add a soothing atmosphere to your Mexican vacation.

Some of the budget hotels in Tepoztlan include Espacio Magico Hotel, which offers four different rooms at a rate usually under 40 USD per night during the peak season; Posada Sarita which begins at around 30 USD for a single room; Puerto Villamar, which is a fifteen-room hotel in Tepoztlan Mexico with rates that are usually just over 40 USD per room. Each of these Tepoztlan hotels offers a selection of massage therapies, guided meditations, traditional meals at the on-site restaurants, and walking tours of the town. Vegetarians will be happy to know that several establishments, which focus on a health-conscious environment, offer a choice of vegetarian meals, which isn’t a given at every hotel in Mexico.

In the mid-range category, there are a number of options for a hotel in Tepoztlan Mexico. For instance, the Hotel Villas Navarro typically offers rooms ranging between 50 and 75 USD per night. Each of the seven rooms at this hotel is laid out in a unique theme, including the traditional Mexican style, Hindu, Flamenco, Argentina, Cuban, Parisian, and Hippie. Similarly, the Quinta Roma offers higher end accommodations that range between 90 and 130 USD, based on whether you’re booking a standard room or one of the hotel suites. This is a more intimate option for Tepoztlan accommodation and is home to seven suites, two of which have a Jacuzzi spa, and four standard rooms.

The Villas Xochiquetzal is similarly priced to the Quinta Roma, with rooms costing roughly 90 USD per night, though the price can go up in the peak tourist season, such as during the Carnaval de Tepoztlan. Seven villa guest suites are available at the Villas Xochiquetzal, and each offers a breathtaking view of Tepoztlan. Guests of these three hotels can count on a variety of services, including a range of massage therapies, local tours, meditation in the mountains, and full service on-site restaurants.

Two of the most exclusive hotels in Tepoztlan, Casa Bugambilia and Posada del Tepozteco, offer several luxurious rooms and suites that emulate the serenity and peaceful nature of the surrounding atmosphere. Casa Bugambilia derives its name from the natural setting, featuring the beautiful bugambilia flowers. Once a well-to-do private home set in the valley of Tepoztlan, Posada del Tepozteco offers several accommodation selections, all with exquisite views of the gardens and the surrounding area. Guests of this Tepoztlan accommodation option have the opportunity to experience temazcal, an adobe steam bath house, and these hotels also both offer massage therapy services and guided tours. Whether you are traveling on a budget or have plenty of cash to spare, Tepoztlan hotels offer a unique experience of tranquility, luxury, and tradition that will leave visitors relaxed after their vacation in this serene setting.

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