W Hotel Mexico City

The W Hotel Mexico City is regarded as one of the most elite establishments in the Mexican capital, and as such the hotel takes pride in offering its guests the best of everything. Located near the Polanco district, which is one of the liveliest areas and is home to many of the luxury hotels in Mexico City, the W Hotel combines convenience with comfortable accommodations, a full range of amenities, a high standard of guest services, and a splendid atmosphere to kick back and relax during your vacation. Whether you are traveling on business or simply for pleasure, you can count on the W Hotel in Mexico City to have everything covered and to help you have the best possible trip.

The Polanco district is one of the busiest and most vibrant parts of the city, and in addition to its interesting combination of traditional structures and modern design, it is home to a wide range of restaurants, bars, and high-end shops and boutiques. The W Hotel Mexico City blends perfectly into this mix of old and new. The hotel is located just off the Paseo de la Reforma, and the hotel spotlights the local heritage by highlighting the colors and style of artists such as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

The accommodations at the W Hotel in Mexico City range from the standard bedroom to a master suite with two rooftop terraces. Each of these rooms carries a unique name that reinforces the playful personality of the hotel and its commitment to please its guests. The standard room, known as the Wonderful Room, offers rich tones of red and black, while one step up is the Fabulous Room, which also offers guests high speed internet, a fax machine, and a printer. The Spectacular Room has a similar black and red décor, and it also includes a particularly unique feature—a hammock suspended in the bathtub area, making it perfect for relaxing.

In addition to the smaller rooms, there are larger guest units available as well. The Marvelous Suite is sectioned into two separate living areas, the lower for relaxing and entertaining friends, and the upper for the bedroom and bathroom. The Fantastic Suite offers an unforgettable view of Polanco, which can be seen from anywhere in the room—including the oversize bathtub. With two rooftop terraces and separate dining, living, and sleeping areas, the Extreme Wow Suite is the pinnacle of luxury offered at the W Hotel in Mexico City, covering a total of 1,300 square feet.

Other hotel amenities and facilities include a fully equipped fitness center, concierge services, and in-room DVDs and CDs for entertainment. In addition, the Away Spa also offers in-room treatments for those who prefer to relax in privacy rather than visit the spa itself. Among the unique features of the W Hotel in Mexico City are the Koi Ponds located throughout the establishment. No matter how you plan to spend your time, you can be sure that the hotel will help you plan the perfect vacation and cater to your every need with its Whatever/Whenever service.

The W Hotel is hands-down one of the best luxury hotels in Mexico City, and visitors can count on a sumptuous and memorable stay at this world-renowned hotel. The 237 guest rooms all adhere to the high international standard of this hotel chain, so by booking here you can rest assured that you’re on the way to an unforgettable stay in the Mexican capital.

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