Mexico Cruises

Mexico cruises are a popular way to travel for tourists looking to see a number of different locations on one vacation. Although the traditional profile of a cruise passenger in the past has been high on the age scale that profile is changing. More then ever, families and groups of young people are taking advantage of some of the convenience and affordability that a Mexico cruise can offer. With food and accommodation already taken care of, many travelers like the idea of simply sitting back and relaxing as they visit numerous destinations.

Many Mexico cruises that hug the east coast actually leave from Key West in the Americas. Flights into Key West are widely available, and if you have time, spending an extra day or two in Key West is a lovely treat. From there, a typical route for a Mexico cruise would be along the Yucatan Peninsula. As one of the busiest sections of Mexico for tourist, a host of resort towns line the coast of the Yucatan. Cancun, Playa de Carmel and Cozumel are just a few of the most widely visited.

A typical cruise will stop in many of these more popular towns and, depending on the nature of the cruise, will spend a night or at least a day at the port. Travelers will find that a dizzying market scene will greet them as they leave the cruise ship at most locations. Although there is some excellent and inexpensive shopping to be had there, the real treasures lay further inland. If your time allows, planning a day trip to Tulum or touring any one of the more famous Mayan cities is a great way to spend an afternoon before hopping back on your Mexico cruise ship.

Mexico cruises can also be found along the western Pacific coast of Mexico. Cruises to Mexico often leave from a U.S. port, but travelers may also fly into Mexico and go from there. Popular stops for ships that cruise Mexico on the Pacific coast include Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco and various places along the Baja California strip. Once again, some of the most fun to be had will be found by traveling inland. Both Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco have great shopping and excellent cuisine. If you ever begin to tire of boat fare as you cruise Mexico, make time to eat in one of the fabulous local restaurants at a port. Fresh, traditional food can be found in every city for a reasonable price.

Whichever coast you choose, cruises to Mexico do offer an incredible amount of food on board. Usually, guests will find that food is available 24 hours a day in some form; be it an all hours buffet, or a late night café. Some of the nicer restaurants aboard cruises to Mexico will be an additional fee and travelers should expect to pay full restaurant prices. Scores of bars are open day and night, which often feature entertainment.

Cruises to Mexico blend the comfort of round the clock service with a chance to visit some of the finest and most exotic Mexican cities. For anyone who plans to cruise Mexico, be sure to remember that all ports and locations will usually ask to see your passport or other identification. It"s a good idea to keep copies of all travel documents with you, as well as on board the ship.

Cheap Mexico cruises and discount Mexico cruises are widely available through many travel agencies. Check with cruise companies directly, as well as travel agencies that might offer cheap Mexico cruises as part of a travel package.



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