Villa Montana, Morelia

Villa Montana

201 Patzimba

A stay at the Villa Montana is a good reason to visit Morelia, the colonial jewel which reflects Mexico's rich historic heritage, a remarkable well-preserved city with its colonial monuments. The Villa shares this colonial heritage. Statuary and stonework motifs decorate the paths that meander through patios and luxurious gardens connecting 25 private suites. No two are alike and each has a cozy fireplace and a beautiful view over the city and the mountains. Arts and crafts are always remarkable, local artists work unique pieces and everyone who acquires them never forget this area. Monarchs butterflies arrive to Michoacan in the winter, making these forests their home to protect themselves from the rigorous winter in Canada. Villa Montana embraces you in exquisite architecture. Colonial furnishings and antiques, offering a warm and hospitable atmosphere. The cuisine is traditional Mexican and International, prepared with talent and served with flair.