Oaxaca Mexico

Oaxaca Mexico is located in the southern portion of Mexico and is a popular destination for travelers hoping to experience unique Mexican culture and history. In the early days of Oaxaca, a mixture of native tribes and the Aztecs settled the city. Oaxaca was an important and populous one in the region long before the Spanish conquest, and its intriguing mixture of cultures makes it a fascinating place to visit to this day.

Oaxaca Mexico
Oaxaca Mexico

Later years brought Spanish colonies, once the Aztecs had been totally wiped out in Mexico. Most of the area that is Oaxaca today was granted to Hernan Cortez in return for his services to the queen. Oaxaca Mexico began to take on a European feel after it was taken over by the Spanish. Tours of Oaxaca Mexico reveals wonderfully built colonial mansions, missions, and churches.

Oaxaca culture combines the history of many groups of people. The native tribes ruled by the Aztecs in the city's earliest years were the Zapotec and the Mixtec. Both tribes still influence Oaxaca culture to this day, and the informed traveler will note that separate accents representing these different tribes can still be heard in Oaxaca today. Spain and colonialists from Europe also influence Oaxaca culture. Together, this mix of cultures and peoples creates a modern day Oaxaca that is full of history and fascinating people and traditions.

Nowhere are the differing sides of Oaxaca culture seen as prominently as they are in Oaxaca food. Oaxaca food is famous throughout the world for its unique flair and combination of spices that are found almost nowhere else in Mexico. The popular mole is thought to have gotten its start here and shows up in many Oaxaca food dishes. Restaurants in Oaxaca are less popular then street vendors and markets. You"ll find the best Oaxaca food in roadside cafes and food stands. Quesadillas, tamales, and other tasty Mexican treats are all prominent Oaxaca foods. Travelers who really love Mexican cooking might consider planning their vacation during early October for the "Food of the Gods Festival" in Oaxaca. This week long festival features restaurant tours, cooking classes, and is a great way to travel Oaxaca.

Deciding when to book your Oaxaca flight can depend on a few factors. Weather is best during the winter months, but of course, rates will be higher during the winter season. Most Oaxaca flights are relatively inexpensive compared to flights into some other Mexican cities, and Oaxaca flight packages are available that combine hotel accommodation with flights. If you plan your trip during the busy season or hope to catch the food festival, be sure to book your hotel well in advance. The festival is popular among tourists and locals alike and hotels do fill up.

While you are in Oaxaca, you might consider booking a historical tour of the city. Many cultures combine to make historical tours of the area quite interesting. Independent walking tours can also be a great way to see the city. No matter how you decide to spend your time in Oaxaca, the city offers great rates, excellent food, and warm, welcoming people.

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