Aktunchen is a park that is worth making some time for when vacationing along Mexico's Mayan Riviera. This place where the natural world reigns supreme offers up some very enticing things to do. You can take zip line tours through the forest canopy, delve into the confines of an amazing cave, and take part in other thrilling experiences at the Aktunchen Natural Park. Better yet, all of the available activities can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and informative guides are on hand to make sure that everyone in your group has a great time.

The underground caves at Aktunchen were formed over millions of years, and they may have remained a secret for generations to come if some farmers didn't stumble upon them a few decades ago. These farmers were hunting for gum trees when they discovered the Aktun Chen Caves, as these caves are known, and you can imagine their astonishment. Columns mix with stalactites and stalagmites inside the main cave, and should you delve inside on a tour, you can also view underground rivers and admire a crystal clear cenote. All the while, a specialized guide will be there to provide insight into the cave's many wonders.

Cenotes are sinkholes that are full of water. Often times, they are created when the ceiling of a cave falls in. Exploring them, either while snorkeling or scuba diving, is a popular Maya Riviera tourist activity, and you can add it to your list of things to do at Aktunchen. The water is clear as could be in the park's underground cenote, and as is true inside the main cave, stalactites and stalagmites dazzle visitors. Snorkeling equipment is provided for those who wish to swim in the cool waters of the Aktunchen Natural Park cenote, though you can bring your own if you prefer. A floating device is also supplied and must be worn.

Any and all Aktunchen Natural Park visitors should consider taking the zip line tour. On these tours, guests attach themselves to various canopy lines and glide along the treetops. There are ten different canopy lines to zip along, and you also get the chance to traverse two suspended bridges. Thrilling is a word that could be used to describe the Aktunchen zip line tours, though it's not all about big thrills. While making your way along the zip line course, you will have chances to slow down and take things in on a more relaxed basis. In fact, the professional guides can show you how to go slow the whole time if that's what you prefer. The instruction is personalized so that every guest finds their ideal comfort level, and often times, those who are unsure at first find that their confidence grows significantly as they get used to the sensation.

Rounding out the list of things to do at Aktunchen is seeing the wildlife. The park has a natural zoo that displays flora and fauna from the region. Among the creatures that you can expect to see there are agoutis, parrots, coati mundi, and white tail deer. Zoo visits are included in the cave tour fee, and as you might suspect, they are especially popular with kids. Kids ages six to ten enjoy discounted rates for any and all activities at Aktunchen, and if there are youngsters in your group that are less than six years old, they get in for free!

Regardless of the makeup of your group, a trip to Aktunchen Natural Park can be the perfect thing when a break from the Playa del Carmen beaches and the other area beaches is in order. The park is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and you can find it just 25 miles south of Playa del Carmen. Cancun is about 65 miles from the park to the north. Renting a car and driving along the Highway Cancun-Tulum is an option when trying to get to Aktunchen. You can also take a taxi directly to the park from your hotel, resort, or vacation rental. Many visitors rely on public transportation to get to the Bahia Principe Akumal Hotel first. From there, they take a taxi the rest of the way to Aktunchen. It is the cheapest way to go. Once you arrive, you can pay to enjoy a specific activity or buy a pass that allows you to enjoy everything that the park has to offer. The various activities on their own take about an hour and a half to complete.

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