Playa del Carmen All Inclusive Hotels

The Playa del Carmen all inclusive hotels are numerous, which is very good news for visitors who are interested in enjoying hassle-free vacations to the heart of the Maya Riviera. Most, as you might expect, sit on beautiful beaches, as gorgeous strips of sand are what Playa is most known for. It's not all about the beach at the best all inclusive Playa hotels, however. Once guests pay their upfront fee, they are entitled to use most or all of the facilities, and food and beverages are included. This includes alcoholic beverages on most occasions. Clean and comfortable guest units are just one more reason to consider an all inclusive hotel stay when visiting Playa del Carmen, though you might not end up spending too much time indoors. The beaches and the other great area attractions will most likely be calling.

Many of the best all inclusive Playa hotels are found just south of the downtown area in Playacar. The Playacar community is known for its upscale appeal, and as such, all of these resorts maintain a relatively high level of quality. Even at more affordable all inclusive resorts like the Riu Playa, you will likely be amazed at the comfort in the guest units and the wealth of available activities. Spend more to stay at one of the more upscale versions, such as the Sandos Playacar, and you will enjoy an even higher level of quality. It all depends on how much luxury you require and how much you are willing to spend. All in all, the Playacar all inclusives have similar kinds of standards, and this is due to the competition that they generate among one another. It all leans in the consumer's favor.

There are lots of things to like about the Playacar community. For starters, the all inclusive hotels are excellent, and it doesn't hurt that the beaches are world-class. You will also find one of the best Playa del Carmen golf courses in Playacar, and due to its largely residential nature, there are a number of enchanting vacation rentals to select from. You don't have to limit yourself to this inviting community when searching for your ideal Playa del Carmen all inclusive hotel, however. There are some gems found elsewhere, and they include some that call downtown home.

If you want to stay closer to the action in town, one of the best all inclusive Playa hotels that you can choose as your temporary residence is the Royal Hotel. Elegance reigns supreme in the guest units at this luxurious Playa beach hotel, and among the facilities is an amazing outdoor pool. Among the things that are included in the all inclusive packages at the Royal Hotel are gourmet meals, and you might inquire about the "trade night" possibilities. When availability allows, the "trade night" policy allows guests at the Royal Hotel to also stay at the Royal Hotel in Cancun for a while. This way, you get to enjoy some time in both Playa and Cancun!

Outside of Playa del Carmen proper, there are some spectacular all inclusive resorts that you might also keep in mind when trying to plan your easygoing escape to the Maya Riviera. Between Playa and Cancun in the Playa Paraiso area, for example, you will find the highly rated Iberostar Grand Paraiso. There is quite simply no shortage of great all inclusive resorts in the Maya Riviera region, and should you wish to broaden your horizons, both Cancun and Cozumel are home to their fair share of options. If you don't have your heart set on the all inclusive idea, you can add even more stunning Maya Riviera resorts to your list of lodging options. These resorts include the Mahekal Beach Resort, which calls Shangri La Beach home, and the Banyan Tree Resort Mayakoba, which is found north of Playa in the upscale Mayakoba resort area.



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