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Playa del Carmen cruises have been growing in popularity over the years as more and more travelers worldwide are realizing the wonderful vacation opportunities that this Mexican resort town has to offer. The beautiful Playa del Carmen beaches have a lot to do with the increase in local tourism, and they are what many cruise passengers set out to visit. Spending time on a beautiful beach isn't the only thing that you can do in terms of Playa del Carmen cruise excursions, however. There are so many other fantastic things to do in Playa, so considering all of the activity options is recommended.

A variety of major cruise lines offer Playa del Carmen cruises, so finding one that suits needs should be a breeze. Among these companies are Carnival and Norwegian. More often than not, the Playa cruises also stop at other Caribbean destinations, and they can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or more. Various ports in Florida, such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale, are the most common embarkation points. The Playa del Carmen cruise port can be found about five miles south of town at Calica. There is little for the tourist at this small port, save for a few souvenir stands, though it only takes a few minutes to get to Playa via taxi or shuttle van, and the cost is cheap. Transportation will most likely be provided if you book an onshore excursion through the cruise line.

Most Playa del Carmen cruise passengers actually dock on the island of Cozumel, which is only about twelve miles offshore. Once in Cozumel, they hop on one of the Playa del Carmen ferries to get over to the mainland. After arriving at the ferry dock in Playa, they either make their way to a beach or treat themselves to some other kind of adventure. The ferry dock is right near the main square in Playa del Carmen, and it doesn't take long to walk to any number of shops and restaurants, not to mention some excellent beaches.

As tempting as shopping or hanging out at the beach can be, you might find that another kind of excursion activity might be hard to pass up. Other options for Playa del Carmen cruise excursions include visiting Mayan ruins, taking an ATV tour through the jungle, and visiting nature parks like Xcaret. That's just the start, however, and you can also look to book a more complete excursion that includes a mix of activities. Some of the Playa del Carmen cruise excursions allow for beach time, the chance to explore a cenote, and any other number of enticing things.

For cruise passengers who prefer to spend most of their time on the beach while visiting Playa del Carmen, some strips of sand in and around town have excellent beach clubs where you can find things like restaurants and watersports equipment rentals. It is also possible to purchase a special pass that allows you to enjoy the beach and the facilities at one of the numerous Playa del Carmen resorts.

There is something for everyone when it comes to the Playa del Carmen cruise excursions, and since there is so much to do in and around town, you might be tempted to return for a more extended visit. While vacationing in Playa del Carmen, you can take smaller cruises that can include a number of fun activities. Snorkeling and fishing are among the most popular activities, though general sightseeing cruises, romantic cruises, and things the like are also in good supply. Puerto Aventuras, which is about twenty minutes south of Playa del Carmen, is one of the best places in the area to arrange boating adventures of all kinds.

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