Playa del Carmen Restaurants

Playa del Carmen restaurants offer a wide range of international cuisines. This has a lot to do with the fact that the Maya Riviera region attracts visitors from around the world. The various eateries cater to all kinds of tastes in an attempt to keep tourists happy, and you can always find a taco kitchen or a US-style fast food joint if that's all you're after. Fine dining is certainly an option in Playa del Carmen, and as you might imagine in a coastal destination, fresh seafood is in especially good supply. In addition to the international flair,you will find plenty of traditional Mexican cuisine.

There are plenty of restaurants lining the beaches of Playa del Carmen, so beachgoers won't have to go far to get something to eat. Of course, beachgoers can also dine at one of the beach clubs. These clubs, which include those that can be found on Mamitas Beach and Playa Tukan, offer special rates that include food and beverage service, and they are known for having tasty dishes that represent both Mexican and international cuisine.

The best Playa restaurants are arguably found along 5th Avenue, or La Quinta, as it is locally known. As such, you will want to head there at some point when looking to get a true taste of the Playa del Carmen dining scene. Even if you are staying at one of the all inclusive resortsand have all your meals covered, it can be worth it to step outside of the resort boundaries to see what the La Quinta eateries are all about. This is an especially good idea if you wish to try regional food favorites, such as tacos al pastor or pollo pibil. Tacos al pastor are made using rotisserie-style pork that is carved into a tortilla. The concept is akin to the gyros that Greece made popular. The meat for tacos al pastor is seasoned with a very popular Yucatan seasoning known as achiote, which has a mild and earthy flavor, and as is typical of most tacos in Mexico, a corn tortilla is used to wrap it all up. As for pollo pibil, it is a chicken-based dish that also employs the achiote seasoning. Other ingredients include bitter orange juice and a variety of possible seasonings. The chicken and other ingredients are wrapped in banana leaves before being baked in a pit or barbecued. Pork is often used instead of chicken if you want to try both varieties.

At the Playa del Carmen all inclusive resorts, guests don't have to worry about their food and drinks, as they are included in the upfront fee. More often than not, the meals are buffet-style, though it is also possible to enjoy some a la carte dining experiences at many of these resorts. The collection of eateries can be very impressive at the all inclusive resorts in Playa, so you won't want for variety. At the upscale Sandos PlayacarBeach Resort, for example, you will find seven restaurants that highlight a number of different cuisines. Whether you want to dine on lobster, eat some pizza, grab some fajitas, or try some traditional Mayan food while in Playa del Carmen, the many restaurants have you covered.

This is a destination that truly caters to everyone in terms of dining options, and since many Mexicans from the country's interior vacation in Playa, authentic Mexican food isn't hard to get. You don't have to rely entirely on the local restaurants or hotel eateries when it comes to Playa del Carmen dining, however. Some wonderful vacation rentals can be found in and around town, and most come equipped with kitchen facilities. There are grocery stores to shop at if you wish to stock up on supplies, and should you book a Playa del Carmen fishing excursion, there's no telling what you might be cooking for dinner.

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