Playa del Carmen Fishing

Playa del Carmen fishing is an activity that any and all angling enthusiasts should enjoy. This town on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula was originally a fishing town after all, and this alone should give you an idea of the angling possibilities. Generally speaking, mid-March to late June is the peak Playa del Carmen fishing season.

On a Playa del Carmen deep sea fishing excursion, both sailfish and marlin are among the species that you can hope to catch, so the action can be big. These fish are among the most thrilling to reel in thanks in part to their sheer size and power. Other species that commonly figure among the catches of the day are wahoo, mahi-mahi, snapper, mackerels, tuna, barracuda, grouper, jacks, sea bass, and kingfish.

If you want to do some Playa del Carmen deep sea fishing, arranging an outing that fits your wants and needs shouldn't be difficult. The local fisherman and charter companies offer angling packages that can suit a wide range of budgets, and you can go out for just a short while or the better part of a day or more. Often times, fishing won't be the only thing that you will do if you book boating adventure through one of the larger charter companies. Chances are good that you will also get to do some snorkeling, and it's not uncommon for the charter companies to include a side trip to one of the beaches.

Playa del Carmen fishing options go well beyond deep sea fishing, though. You can also take to saltwater lagoons and do some fly fishing. Among the fish that can be caught while fly fishing here are tarpon, permit, bonefish, barracuda, and jack. One of the best places to do some Playa del Carmen lagoon fishing is the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve, and the peak season for this kind of angling is March through August.

The Playa del Carmen fishing charters operate year round, so there is never a bad time to venture down for some angling fun. Certain seasons are better than others when it comes to catching specific species of fish, so you might keep that in mind when planning your Playa del Carmen vacation. Sailfish, which is the species that many anglers are after, is most abundant from March to July, and the mahi-mahi fishing is at its best from April to September. Some species, including barracuda and tuna, are in good supply throughout the year. The same applies for various reef fish species, such as snapper and sea bass.

The Playa del Carmen fishing charters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can choose accordingly. Many local fisherman take visitors out on the water in smaller boats known as pangas, opening up more options. Should you prefer being on a larger boat, the bigger charters operate out of the marina at Puerto Aventuras. This marina is about a twenty-minute drive away, and you should have little trouble finding it with the help of your Playa del Carmen hotel staff. Puerto Aventuras is an attractive residential community, and its full-service marina is one of the best places to go in the Riviera Maya if you want to arrange fishing excursions and other kinds of boating adventures.

While engaging in some world-class Playa del Carmen deep sea fishing, you will have to return some of the species back to the water. Others you can keep for dinner, however. The billfish species are most often returned to the water, while species such as tuna, mahi-mahi, snapper, and grouper can be kept. Big or small, the crew on your fishing boat will usually offer to fillet whatever you catch, provided that it can be kept. From there, you can prepare yourself or visit one of several Playa del Carmen restaurants that will cook it for you.

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