Playa del Carmen Nightlife

Playa del Carmen nightlife offers a whole world of fun once the sun goes down. Strolling along the main drag La Quinta, also called 5th Avenue, is one of the most popular options, particularly because of the fact that this is the heart of the tourist area. You can also venture onto the sands of the in-town beaches and find some lively action at one of the beach bars. One of the most renowned beach bars in Playa is known as the Blue Parrot, and it has been an institution for quite some time now.

La Quinta Avenue is home to most of the Playa del Carmen bars and clubs. You can surely get your fill of tequila at some, and live music is offered on a regular basis at many. If you prefer grabbing a beer and chatting it up with some ex-pats, there are bars for that as well, and you can always hit one of the clubs in and around 5th Avenue and show off your salsa dancing skills, provided that you have some. If you venture out of this area, you will find some other alluring bars and clubs, some of which have a very European appeal.

Partying on the beach is one of the most tantalizing options when it comes to Playa del Carmen nightlife. Beach clubs, such as the one that can be found at Mamitas Beach, offer lively atmospheres throughout the day, and the fun doesn't stop when the sun sets. Often times, barbecue parties are thrown by the town's various beach clubs, and they can be a blast.

Many of the Playa del Carmen bars and clubs are at hotels, and should you be staying at one of the all inclusive resorts, live entertainment of some kind will most likely be offered on a nightly basis. This can be convenient for guests who don't want to stray too far from their rooms when looking to have a good time out before they go to bed. Also an option when it comes to Playa del Carmen nightlife is doing your own entertaining. There are many lavish guest units at the upscale hotels that can be used for get-togethers of various kinds, and the sky is the limit for party options at many of the top Playa del Carmen vacation rentals.

Playa del Carmen might not have as lively a nightlife scene as nearby Cancun, but that doesn't mean that visitors are limited to having their fun during the day. Add in the fact that the Playa del Carmen nightlife areas are generally safe hangouts, and it only becomes more tempting to add some late night fun to the mix. If you are new to Playa or just want to enjoy an interesting social activity, you can always try to join in on an organized bar crawl. These events of sorts see groups of people heading out on the town at night to enjoy some of the best nightlife that Playa has to offer. It can be an excellent way to get familiar with the nightlife scene, not to mention meet other travelers.



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