Playa del Carmen Shopping

Playa del Carmen shopping can be a facet of any trip to this beach destination. In this Maya Riviera hotspot, shops and galleries abound. Local pottery is just one of the things that you might keep an eye out for while shopping in Playa, and since Mexico is the largest producer of silver in the entire world, treating yourself to some new jewelry might be in order. Hammocks, bottles of tequila, and Mexican chocolate are other things that shoppers often have in mind when hitting the Playa del Carmen store. Of course, there is a large selection of souvenir shops if you want to pick up a postcard or memento of your vacation.

Many of the best Playa del Carmen stores can be found in town along 5th Avenue, or La Quinta, as the strip is locally known. A pedestrian-only avenue, La Quinta is a joy to stroll, though you might not get very far before you find an interesting store to duck into. Many of the vendors will try to get your attention, and as is common throughout Latin America, bartering is often possible once you find something that piques your interest. Bartering can be a fun way to shop, especially if you are good at it and manage to secure some major deals. The La Quinta area is also home to numerous bars and restaurants, so there is plenty to do on the side when you're not shopping.

When looking to do some Playa del Carmen shopping, you don't have to limit yourself to the stores that can be found on 5th Avenue. At the end of this pedestrian avenue is the relatively new Playa del Carmen shopping area, and it features handicraft shops and some tantalizing boutiques. You can also visit the Playa shopping malls--Centro Maya and Plaza Las Americas.

Both Centro Maya and Plaza Las Americas are found outside of the downtown area and are easy to reach. The grocery stores at these malls can come in especially handy for those who are staying in a Playa del Carmen vacation rental that has a kitchen, and if nothing else, you might drop by to watch a movie at their cinemas or grab an ice cream cone and bask in the air conditioning.

The shopping scene, as is true of most scenes in Playa del Carmen, has developed significantly in recent years, and the options are only likely to keep growing in the near future. Definitely gone are the days when Playa vacationers had to venture north to Cancun to do some serious shopping. That being said, a shopping side trip to Cancun is still worth considering, as it remains one of the top places to shop in all of Mexico. Regardless where you decide to do your shopping, this part of the world stays warm year round, so you can pack light and leave extra room in the suitcase for all the great things that you end up buying!



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