Tulum Hotels

Tulum hotels are a unique mix of beachfront lodging and private cabañas. Tulum Mexico hotels are, for the most part, inexpensive, although some of the ocean side Tulum hotels are on the pricey side. Below are some of the more popular Tulum hotels and other Tulum lodging options.

Tulum Mexico Hotels

Tulum hotels are available in a wide range of prices. Guests of a hotel in Tulum may be surprised to find that electricity is more of a scarcity in Tulum hotels then in other parts of Mexico. For this reason, many Tulum hotels use a generator, and electricity is often turned off during the night. If this affects your vacation plans, be sure to check ahead to see what specific electricity rules govern your favorite hotel in Tulum

For travelers hoping to find a quiet retreat from modern life, a hotel in Tulum can be the perfect choice. Without much of the hectic action found in the busy resort towns, staying at a hotel in Tulum provides guests with a real feeling of having escaped the world of cell phones and television. For travelers who want the quiet but still want to retain modern conveniences, there are Tulum hotels with plenty of luxurious options.

Cabanas in Tulum

More then any resort town in Mexico, Tulum Mexico hotels also come in the form of separate cabanas. Cabanas come in degrees of comfort and luxury, but one thing they all have in common in privacy. Individual structures, usually the size of a regular hotel room, pepper a beachfront to create a hotel atmosphere. Some cabanas are completely furnished, with television and a certain amount of electricity and food service. Other cabanas offer the simplest accommodation possible, with nothing but a bed, swept sand for a floor and candles to light your way. Whichever vacation experience you are hoping for, Cabana-style Tulum hotels can be a totally unique experience, inimitable anywhere else in Mexico.

Tulum lodging offer a quiet, traditional Mexican retreat. In sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle of some of Mexico"s larger cities, Tulum is a great place to enjoy sparsely inhabited shores. With fairly easy access to many of Mexico"s most exciting attractions, Tulum lodging and the city of Tulum makes an excellent vacation destination.

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