Tulum Ruins

Beaches of Tulum
The calm beaches of Tulum

Tulum Mexico is a Pre-Columbian walled city located on the Caribbean coast in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Located just 80 miles from the popular tourist hot spot Cancun, Tulum is a great day trip destination from any Cancun resort. The Tulum ruins that rest majestically on the Tulum landscape draw thousands of tourists and sightseers each year. The beaches of Tulum are sandy and quiet. It offers a nice escape from the busy resort scene of Cancun.

Tulum Ruins
Tulum Ruins

The Tulum ruins carry the history of the Mayan people and most structures were actually constructed during the Post-Classic Era between 1200 and 1450. The city was occupied by Mayan people up until the Spanish conquest of the Yucatan peninsula, but was fully abandoned by the end of the 16th century. Today, parts of the Mayan ruins of Tulum have been restored for tourism purposes and although Local Mayans continued to visit the temples to pray, these acts were abandoned in the late 20th century, when tourists became too numerous.

The Mayan ruins of Tulum are the third most visited historical site in all of Mexico, behind Teotihuacán and Chichen Itza. The Tulum ruins are often said to be the most well preserved Mayan ruins in the world and guests traveling to Tulum Mexico to visit the Tulum ruins can stay in Tulum itself or nearby Cancun. Hotels in the area are moderately priced and the area is generally much quieter then Cancun. There is a designated, "hotel zone" ,with boutiques and about forty hotels lining the beach. Most hotels are actually cabanas, offering varying degrees of modern comforts.

Travelers looking for even more quiet might consider a further trip to Punta Allen. The drive from Tulum Mexico will take about an hour and a half to three hours, depending on the condition of the road and the time of year. Punta Allen is a tiny town without constant electricity; a generator will run during the day, but usually shuts down at 10pm. There are a few places to stay in Punta Allen, mostly cabanas and guests looking for a truly ancient and rustic experience as they travel Mexico will really enjoy this break from the norm.

If one afternoon of rustic fun is enough to satisfy you, the Mayan ruins of Tulum will still offer endless wonderment as a day trip from Cancun. Mayan ruins are one of the most popular ways for those who travel Mexico to enjoy the historical aspects of the country. Tours of the Tulum ruins, as well other Mayan ruins, can be booked in advance or through most hotels in the area. Be sure to check ahead and reserve a spot during the busy season, as these tours are quite popular and tend to fill up quickly.



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