Playa del Carmen Villas

Playa del Carmen villas are generally the most enticing vacation rentals that you will find in Mexico's Maya Riviera region. Offering anywhere from two to sixteen bedrooms on average, these spacious rental properties can accommodate families and other groups with ease. It's not all about the space, however. The Playa del Carmen villa rentals are extremely well-equipped and offer many of the amenities that you might expect to find at an upscale home. Private pools and gourmet kitchens are common.

The majority of the Playa del Carmen villa rentals are in the upscale Playacar community. This community is just south of the downtown area, and it is home to world-class beaches and one of the best Playa del Carmen golf courses. This alone is enough to convince some to give its villas a look, and one look is all it usually takes to convince you to book a stay. The villas in Playacar are very impressive, boasting amenities that might have you wishing that you could stay forever. The beachfront villas are the most glorious, though you'll be close to sand regardless of the villa that you secure.

The Playa del Carmen villas provide more privacy than hotels, and you can hardly argue with the amenities. In addition to small pools, full kitchens, laundry facilities, and flat-screen TVs, they typically come equipped with things such as air conditioning, Internet access, and all the beach towels that you will need. Safety deposit boxes, DVD/CD players, and bath products are also common Playa del Carmen villa amenities, and as far as the available services are concerned, you can often arrange for maid service or enjoy complimentary airport transfers. Suffice it to say that there is a lot to like about the Playa del Carmen villa rentals, and it shouldn't take you long to find one that shines.

Due to the fact that they are rather luxurious on the whole, the Playa del Carmen villas aren't cheap to rent. That being said, they are worth every penny if you have sufficient room in the budget. For those who are looking to spend less on their Playa del Carmen vacation rental, there are other options that are well worth keeping in mind. A condo that is well-equipped can be comparable to a villa in many ways, and a few nights or more in a Playa del Carmen cabana can be a great way to go. Some of the best cabanas in the area are actually offered by beachfront hotels, such as the Mahekal Resort on Shangri La Beach, and they combine the resort and vacation rental experience, which can be hard to pass up.

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