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Playa del Carmen weddings can be ideal for couples who are looking to tie the knot in a beautiful beach vacation destination. This former fishing village in Mexico's Maya Riviera region is now known for its tourism industry, and it's world-class strips of sand like Shangri La Beach. All inclusive resorts have sprung up along the coastline, and they can certainly serve the needs of couples who wish to wed. Other tempting lodging options are also available, and regardless of where you decide to stay, the fact that your Playa del Carmen honeymoon can begin right away is perhaps the best part of getting married in this wonderful resort town.

Playa del Carmen wedding packages are in very good supply, and many of them involve a stay at one of the all inclusive resorts. These resorts, the majority of which are found in the Playacar district, make life very easy for their guests. Once the upfront fee is paid, you can essentially put the wallet away, as virtually everything will be included in the price. You won't have to worry about meals and drinks, for example, and non-motorized watersports equipment will be at your disposal when you get the urge to get active. The Sandos Playacar is among the best all inclusive resorts in the area, and as is true of the others, its wedding and honeymoon packages are excellent. The staff takes care of everything, leaving the couple with little to worry about, and you can bet that any and all guests will likely enjoy their stay.

Another luxury hotel in Playa del Carmen that can be an ideal place to tie the knot is the Royal Hotel. Easily one of the best lodging establishments on the Yucatan Peninsula, the Royal Hotel knows how to take care of its guests. The same goes for the wedding packages, which can serve the needs of couples who wish to have a simple ceremony for two or a more elaborate affair that involves friends and family. Many amazing resorts, some of which are cheaper, offer similar kinds of services as the Royal Hotel and the Sandos Playacar, so you can choose accordingly depending on your taste and budget.

Whether you arrange your Playa del Carmen wedding through a hotel or an independent wedding planner, you can have your ceremony on the beach. Tying the knot on a beautiful white-sand beach that is complemented by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea can make for a magical affair to remember, and there are plenty of ways for the bride, grooms, and guests to stay entertained when they're not celebrating the big day. Perhaps the groom and his buddies will head out for a day of deep sea fishing while the girls hit a spa and indulge in a number of sumptuous treatments. The list of things to do in Playa del Carmen is a long one, and many a wedding package that revolves around a Playa visit includes a variety of activity opportunities, especially for the bride and groom.

If you prefer, you can always get married in a church when it comes to Playa del Carmen weddings, or some other venue for that matter. Maybe you will prefer exchanging vows in the shadows of Mayan ruins or on a yacht as the sun begins to set. Couples are encouraged to get creative when deciding on a Playa del Carmen wedding venue, as the possibilities are quite extensive.

When arranging Playa del Carmen weddings without the help of a planner, there are various things that couples will want to keep in mind. For starters, only civil weddings are recognized in Mexico. As such, couples who decide to have a minister, priest, or Mayan shaman preside over their ceremony will also need to have a civil marriage ceremony. A Justice of the Peace performs the civil ceremonies.

Couples should also know that a blood test must be done in Mexico, and a Mexican doctor has to certify the results. The doctor's certificate of these results, together with a valid passport and a tourist visa for the bride and grooms and at least four witnesses, must then be presented to a Justice of the Peace. This presentation has to be done at least four business days prior to the ceremony. After the wedding ceremony is finished, a special stamp known as an apostile is sent to the couple. This stamp takes about two months to get and makes the marriage certificate valid outside of Mexico.

Should you prefer getting married elsewhere in the long run, a Playa del Carmen honeymoon might be the perfect way to go. The all inclusive resorts are what many couples have in mind when planning Playa del Carmen honeymoons, and it's not hard to understand why. That being said, there are other hotels that can be attractive for various reasons, and the Playa del Carmen vacation rentals aren't to be overlooked. Vacation rental properties in general offer many of the comforts of home, and there are plenty of spectacular ones in Playa and the surrounding area.

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