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Playa del Carmen travel is at its peak from mid-December to Easter, as this is a period when many people from more northerly destinations decide to trade the cold of their environment for the warmth of the Caribbean sun. Playa del Carmen enjoys a sub-tropical climate, and this basically translates to warm weather year round. As such, there is really never a bad time to visit, avoiding hurricane season can be a good idea. During hurricane season, powerful tropical storms aren't guaranteed, though it is typically windier and rainier than other times of year.

Weather is something that many travelers consider when trying to decide when to go to Playa del Carmen. While the Playa del Carmen weather doesn't vary much throughout the year, there are some variances that relate to specific periods. June through August is when Playa is at its hottest, as you would imagine, and it is a good idea to bring a jacket and/or sweater during the winter months, as it can get a bit chilly from time to time, especially at night. Most of the time, shorts and a t-shirt will be all that you need. Also, you will notice that the sun is powerful regardless of the month, so some good sunblock is recommended if you don't want to get burned.

The weather isn't the only thing that is worth keeping in mind when trying to arrange your Playa del Carmen travel plans. August, as is true of the mid-December to Easter period, sees an increase in Playa del Carmen tourism on the whole. This has a lot to do with the fact that many Europeans take their main vacations in August. The Playa beaches are more crowded during the peak periods, and the rates for the hotels and vacation rentals go up. As such, those who want to avoid the crowds or spend less on lodging might visit during a different period.

Annual events and festivals, such as the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, can also influence travelers to take their Playa del Carmen vacations at certain times of year. Of course, it just might come down to when you can manage to get some time off. Thankfully, most of the Playa del Carmen tourism scene revolves around things to do can be enjoyed throughout the year. This includes relaxing on the beach, doing some deep sea fishing, and visiting Mayan ruins such as those that are found at Chichen Itza.

Playa del Carmen vacation packages are available for all seasons, so you might keep them in mind when planning your trip. These travel packages can include things like your flight and accommodations, and more often than not, special deals are part of the picture. Also worth taking advantage of when it comes to Playa del Carmen visits are the local tour packages. The Playa tours cater to all types, and while some focus on one main activity, others allow guests to enjoy a mix of top rated tourist pursuits.



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