Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, a lovely resort area nestled in the Sierra foothills, began as a village devoted to processing silver, whose original name was Las Peñas, meaning the stones. The village gained international attention in 1963 when Night of the Iguana filmed on Puerto Vallartan shores. The U.S. crew included John Huston, Ava Gardner, and Richard Burton, with Elizabeth Taylor tagging along to continue her scandalous affair with Burton. United States media couldn"t stay away from the high profile affair, and filled Puerto Vallarta with constant cameras and attention, soon making it one of the most popular Mexican destinations for US travelers, and eventually the world.

Today, Puerto Vallarta tours and Puerto Vallarta vacations are among the most popular in the world. From Puerto Vallarta tours, to whale watching, to scuba diving, Puerto Vallarta offers all of the trappings of the perfect Mexican vacation. Along with all it has to offer, Puerto Vallarta also offers some of the best shopping, dining, and cultural traditions in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta tours can take many forms. Boat tours are among the most popular, with many options for whale watching trips, snorkeling and scuba diving excursions. There are a range of dinner cruises, which allow travelers to eat above deck, while sailing into the sunset and under the stars. Tourists searching for a little relaxation at the end of their boat trip will enjoy a day trip to Caletas. Formerly the home of John Huston, the restored mansion hides back inside a beautiful cove. Yoga classes massage, snorkeling, kayaking, and many other activities are available at Caletas, and make this a unique way to travel Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Puerto Vallarta vacation packages often include access to some of these tours, along with flight and hotel accommodation. There are also Puerto Vallarta vacation packages available as part of an ocean cruise. Be sure to check online and with various travel agents for special promotional Puerto Vallarta vacation packages. There are a nice range of hotels and resorts in every price range available when you travel Puerto Vallarta.

Dining in Puerto Vallarta is also an exceptional treat. Chefs from around the world tour Puerto Vallarta and the town even hosts a dining festival for two weeks in November. Travelers who travel Puerto Vallarta will find an incredibly diverse array of locally owned cafes, flavorful restaurants and even a few franchise restaurants from up north, to fit any budget. Many family-owned restaurants offer buffet style menus, which often offers the best value and usually the best flavor.

If shopping is more to your taste, you"ll find an excellent group of small, local shops. Art, clothing, home accessories and, of course, silver are all available at the market. If you tour Puerto Vallarta beaches, merchants will likely find you. Many locals sell their goods up and down the beach during the day.

Whether you choose to tour Puerto Vallarta by hopping on a boat, diving among the exotic reefs, enjoying the beach, or exploring the town, Puerto Vallarta vacations offer a glimpse into true Mexican life. Puerto Vallarta vacations are among the most popular for a reason and no matter how you choose to spend your time in the town, you"ll be sure to head home happy.

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