Puerto Vallarta Shuttle Service

Puerto Vallarta shuttle service is easy to find and not an aspect of your trip that you should spend any time worrying about. This is one of the things that you can easily cover while making the rest of your plans. There are a couple of important things to know about Puerto Vallarta airport transportation, including what to expect in terms of availability of shuttles, buses, and taxis. Once you understand how the PVR shuttle system works and how fares for cabs and buses are assessed, you will be on your way to your resort or luxury hotel with nothing but relaxation on the mind.

First, PVR is located in the northern part of town near the Marina Vallarta section, meaning that if you are staying at any of the resorts or luxury hotels nearby you will have no trouble arranging for complimentary pickup. The best resorts and luxury accommodations do this as a matter of course for their valued guests. If you do not have the option of complimentary shuttle service to your hotel and you are averse to sharing a PVR shuttle with other people, you can always arrange for a private Puerto Vallarta airport transfer. Many people who are arriving at PVR and then making a substantial trek to wherever they are staying in the city make plans to use a private transfer as opposed to the Puerto Vallarta shuttle service simply because there are no stops and takes far less time. A private airport transfer simply means you will have your own air-conditioned car or van that takes you directly to where you are staying. But a public transfer gets you to the same place, just takes a bit longer. Private transfers can mean no hassles and do not have to come at a premium price. Depending on how far you are going, some of the airport transfers cost less than a taxi.

You should be aware that the Puerto Vallarta airport transportation system is easy enough even if you are not taking a pre-arranged shuttle to your hotel or a private transfer. Most of the transportation is by taxi or minivan (Combi Bus). The rates assessed are based on zones of travel. In this way you can know ahead of time how much it is going to cost to get to your destination. No guessing games and no getting hustled by drivers. Even if you do not have a basic working knowledge of some Spanish, you should be able to handle this with great ease. You purchase tickets for your Puerto Vallarta shuttle service in either a cab or minivan at a kiosk outside of the airport. You are then escorted to your PVR shuttle and away you go. If you have any questions about rates or anything else concerning Puerto Vallarta airport transportation, the perfect time to ask if at these kiosks where the most knowledgeable staff is located in terms of handling transportation issues and concerns.

Once you have loaded into your PVR shuttle, airport transfer, or your resort’s private shuttle, you will be on your way to your resort. At this point the realization kicks in that vacation is in full swing as the beach beckons and the good times begin.

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