Cheap Hotels in Puerto Vallarta

Cheap hotels in Puerto Vallarta are relatively easy to find, especially if you are not married to the idea of staying right on the beach. The best Puerto Vallarta hotel deals are likely to be available at those places that are a little off of the beaten path or closer to downtown. Puerto Vallarta is a resort town and the beaches are never far away. If you are able to secure good rates at a hotel that is not directly on the beach, take advantage of the savings and realize that it will not take you long to get to the water no matter where you stay.

The Hotel Suites La Siesta is a Puerto Vallarta budget accommodation where you can get significant savings and will not have to compromise on comfort, cleanliness, or basic amenities. And basic amenities are different in Puerto Vallarta than they are in most other places. At the La Siesta, you will enjoy a restaurant and bar, a swimming pool, wireless internet in your room, and dedicated concierge service. It is also located a mere four blocks from the beach. Because it is relatively small and set back from the beach a bit, it is a Puerto Vallarta budget accommodation. Your experience at this quaint hotel will not leave you thinking of it as such. Booked far enough in advance, it is possible to get great Puerto Vallarta hotel deals at places like the La Siesta.

El Pescador (pictured) is another of the potentially cheap hotels in Puerto Vallarta. You can enjoy vistas of the North Pacific from the swimming pool deck or the colonial-style restaurant and bar. It is important to understand that Puerto Vallarta is a very popular resort destination so rates fluctuate with seasonality and tourist traffic. The same Puerto Vallarta hotel deals that you may be able to get at a place like El Pescador may not be available during peak travel season. Many times, however, even if you are traveling during the peak season of November through May, you can lock in very competitive rates if you book a couple of months in advance. El Pescador is located downtown, but is set right on the ocean making this an even more attractive Puerto Vallarta budget accommodation. Step out of the lobby and right onto the main boardwalk (or Malecon) where you fill find lots of exciting nightlife, entertainment, shopping, and dining.

Mexico is home to several of the most popular tourist destinations in North America. Cancun and Cabo San Lucas are just a couple of the places where people travel in droves to enjoy the tropical climate and gorgeous beaches. Puerto Vallarta has grown in popularity not only because of its amazing beach resorts and luxury hotels but also because of the charming feel of downtown with the vibrant Malecon. Hotel Rosita is one of the cheap hotels in Puerto Vallarta located right on the Malecon. It is another example of a hotel where you will find a beautiful swimming pool, restaurant and bar, concierge service, and complimentary parking, all for a price that will not break the bank. From your location at Hotel Rosita, it is an easy walk or short taxi ride to many of the most popular attractions in the city such as the Marina and the best shopping and dining around. Keep in mind that sufficient planning and advance reservations are the key elements to finding any cheap deals in Puerto Vallarta.

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