Puerto Vallarta Cruise

Puerto Vallarta Cruise
Puerto Vallarta Cruise

Puerto Vallarta cruise ships drop eager passengers into this tropical paradise by the droves each and every year. Cruises provide a popular alternative for those people who prefer not to fly or for those want to make every minute of their trip a vacation. When you take a Puerto Vallarta cruise, you get to enjoy the amenities of a floating resort while you head to your final destination. While some people get off at the cruise port in Puerto Vallarta as a final destination, many also simply pass through en route to the other destinations on the cruise’s scheduled itinerary of stops. For those not staying for long, hopefully they will get to enjoy some of the many Puerto Vallarta cruise excursions. The town is so breathtaking with its cobblestone roads, golden beaches, and jungle interior that it is hard to leave once you arrive. At the least those moving on to other stops such as Ixtapa and Cabo San Lucas will get to experience something of the Puerto Vallarta appeal.

Puerto Vallarta Cruise Port Map
Puerto Vallarta Cruise Port Map

Puerto Vallarta cruise excursions are as popular if not more popular than any of those offered at other similar destinations. This is simply because of the wide variety of exciting activities that are available because of the natural topography and terrain of Puerto Vallarta. Excursions whisk people by ATV, jeep, or bus out to the various beaches for snorkeling, fishing, diving, or parasailing, or head into the island’s jungle interior for spectacular zip lining adventures where you virtually fly atop the trees on wires that make you feel weightless. Zip lining is all the craze among Puerto Vallarta cruise excursions so if you are interested in this high octane activity, be sure to make your reservations in advance with your cruise liner. Princess, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Lines are just a few of the reputable and longstanding providers that offer services to Puerto Vallarta. The knowledgeable staff people and travel agents will be able to answer any questions that you may have regarding your options for Puerto Vallarta cruise tours. You can also discuss packaged offers and all inclusive deals that cover all of your food and beverages as well as entertainment while aboard the ship. Many of the best providers include these exciting excursions in the all inclusive offerings. Dolphin swims and whale watching are two more exciting excursions available to those arriving into Puerto Vallarta. Private tours are also found in many areas around the town.

When you arrive you will be docked at the cruise port in Puerto Vallarta, the Marina Vallarta Maritime Terminal. Since most passengers will be traveling on to other destinations, you will want to make the most of your limited time. It is difficult to take everything in when traveling on a Puerto Vallarta cruise, but longer cruises oftentimes deposit passengers for days or weeks at a time. As an example, one cruise that is available through Holland America goes for 63 days and passes through such places as Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, and Honolulu. If you’re on longer cruise you will have more time to spend in Puerto Vallarta. As soon as you dock at the cruise port in Puerto Vallarta, you will realize you have just arrived in a very special place.

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