Puerto Vallarta Diving

Puerto Vallarta Diving
Puerto Vallarta Diving

Puerto Vallarta diving and snorkeling are two of the most popular activities in a coastal town where exciting water activities and jungle excursions are a dime a dozen. Scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta is stunning because of the vast array of coral reefs and wall formations that provide the ideal setting for tons of tropical and exotic marine life. The Sierra Madres extend into the ocean and form impressive, tiered walls that will impress even the most experienced divers. Banderas Bay is the sight of some 25 miles of amazing coastline and the beaches and reefs do not disappoint. Almost the entire portion of the south bay is composed of small coves and islets that are perfect for snorkeling. Some of the best dive sites in Puerto Vallarta are just a couple of hundred yards off of the beaches in the southern part of the bay.

Many people consider the best scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta to be at Majahuitas Cove. There are a variety of tour providers that offer boat access to these amazing reefs. The water is crystal clear and the visibility is excellent, oftentimes up to 100 feet. The exotic marine life including rays, reef sharks, and fish that cover virtually every color in the spectrum are sure to amaze adults and kids alike. Puerto Vallarta diving allows you to go inside the magical underwater paradise that, along with the gorgeous beaches and luxurious resorts, made this city such a popular tourist destination.

Marietas Island is another of the most popular dive sites in Puerto Vallarta. The reefs in this part of the ocean (around 20 nautical miles west of Puerto Vallarta) are said to be so vast that it would take weeks to fully explore the extent of the formations, underwater caves, and specimens. Jacques Cousteau covered the area extensively featuring its stunning diversity of marine life. The depths of the reefs here range from around 15 to 100 feet and visibility also can be over 100 feet. Perhaps the most exciting part of diving here is the prospect of seeing the Great Pacific Manta Ray. This impressive specimen is a memorable sight to see and an alluring opportunity for any serious divers. Puerto Vallarta diving lets you go inside the exotic atmosphere and the strange and beautiful underwater kingdom of the North Pacific Ocean.

Los Arcos is the most popular of all the dive sites in Puerto Vallarta for those people interested in shallow diving or snorkeling. These waters are also perfect for those people who are new to Puerto Vallarta diving and want to try their hand in depths of only around 30 feet. You can charter a boat to Los Arcos or another popular dive site or if you are staying nearby one, otherwise you may want to rent gear and just do some shore diving. The waters are calm and warm and parrot fish, eagle rays, mantas, and harmless sharks can be seen year round. When you make arrangements to go scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta, make sure everyone in your group is certified and ready to tackle the dive sites you want to go to. Not to fear, however, for those who still need instruction, as classes and instruction are readily available at many fine dive centers in the city.

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