Majahuitas is a small, exclusive eco resort located in Banderas Bay about a twenty-minute boat ride south of Puerto Vallarta on the way to Las Caletas and Yelapa. In fact, like both of those destinations, it can only be reached by boat. However, unlike Caletas which is only a day excursion beach destination, Majahuitas Beach Resort boasts eight lovely solar-powered casitas (mostly open air) right on the beach for overnight stays.


The casitas are furnished with handmade wooden furniture, ceramics and pottery, and other handcrafts made primarily by the local Indian communities. Each has a sitting area, a small reading library, and your own hammock. There are no telephones, televisions, or other electronic distractions, although the hotel can recharge cell phones and laptops. When you arrive at the Puerto Vallarta airport, Majahuitas staff will be there to meet you and take you to the pier for the boat ride. Coffee or tea is brought to your casita before breakfast.

Majahuitas Beach Resort near Puerto Vallarta is so remote and isolated that it is like a tropical island retreat even though it is located on the mainland. It has eighteen acres of area that include mountainous jungle full of parrots and other colorful tropical birdlife, exquisite orchids, and sparkling waterfalls. Things to do in Majahuitas often involve this pristine jungle environment, and there are guided walks and hikes available. There is also a zip line in the jungle, and you can enjoy aerial tours as you float over the jungle canopy. Other things to do in Majahuitas include fishing from a small motor boat in the same manner the local fishermen do, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving (you must be PADI certified to scuba dive). Both kayaks and scuba gear are available free of charge to guests. From about Thanksgiving until about Easter, the little cove is full of dolphins, giant rays, sea turtles, and whales. A tent next to the river can be booked for massages. There is also beach volleyball and table tennis. And, of course, you are also free to do nothing at all, spending your day in a hammock.

If you want to get out of this paradise for a while, another of the things to do in Majahuitas is take a day trip to the little fishing village of Yelapa. This is a wonderful opportunity to see how the majority of people in small fishing villages along the coast live. Here, you can also do a little shopping or take a horseback ride along the beach.

Although the Majahuitas Beach Resort is private, be aware that all beaches in Mexico are allowed by law to be accessed by the public. So, even though Majahuitas is a remarkably idyllic and isolated spot, day trippers from Puerto Vallarta do come to enjoy the crystal clear waters and perfect crescent of white sand in the little bay. They aren’t allowed to use hotel facilities and keep to one end of the beach. Therefore, they usually come for a quick swim and picnic lunch between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., so the short visit is not disruptive.

Majahuitas Beach Resort is able to cater weddings and other special events for small groups. They are only prepared to do this if your wedding party or group books the entire resort. This is so your special occasion doesn’t intrude on other guests and vice versa. Their generator can handle the electronics for a small band or other form of entertainment. Although only sixteen guests can stay at the resort, another fifteen or so can attend the event by coming from Puerto Vallarta for the day.

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