Mayan Palace Puerto Vallarta

Mayan Palace Puerto Vallarta is one of the most beautiful resorts in the town, inside and out. The white and yellow high-rise structure lined with palm trees invites guests into its relaxing and tropical atmosphere. The property is covered with gorgeous tropical foliage and a river cuts through it mirroring the sun as it rises high in the blue sky of the Puerto Vallarta afternoon. The Mayan Resort in Puerto Vallarta provides an amazing experience for you and your friends or family, from the resort’s nightclub located on the private beach outside, to ocean views standard in every single room. It is hard to image anyone leaving disappointed from the welcoming surroundings of the Puerto Vallarta Mayan Palace.

The experience starts at the Mayan Palace Puerto Vallarta when you are shown to your room or suite. Each one is thoughtfully appointed with many of the amenities that modern travelers have come to expect, from mini-bars and coffee makers to lush bedding and distilled water. Every suite at the Mayan Resort in Puerto Vallarta has a kitchen, living area with fine furnishings, and large bathrooms. Little touches make the difference and the artwork and comfortable furnishings make you feel right at home. If you can drag yourself out of the luxurious comfort of your room at the Mayan Resort in Puerto Vallarta, you will find a world of leisure and relaxation at the tips of your fingers. There are two extremely cool bars/lounges inside the hotel where you can enjoy food and a full bar. There are also two casual dining restaurants that serve a range of international dishes and good old American standbys like pizza, chicken fingers, and ice cream for the kids. The atmosphere and the vibes are always relaxed at the Puerto Vallarta Mayan Palace so you won’t find a fine dining restaurant on the premises. For that, you’ll have to head out to the Malecon for some true Puerto Vallarta nightlife. Explore Old Town at night for some excellent street stand fare and a glimpse inside the neighborly feel of the city, or hit up some of the vibrant nightlife to dance the night away. If you don’t want to stray too far from the resort, the beach nightclub will not disappoint.

One of the big advantages of staying at a big resort like the Mayan Palace Puerto Vallarta is that you have the assistance of knowledgeable concierges who can help set us snorkeling, zip lining, or rappelling tours. Puerto Vallarta has become increasingly popular for its wide variety of not only watersports such as diving and surfing, but also for exotic favorites like bungee jumping and especially zip lining. The zip lining tours fill up very quickly so if you are planning a trip to the Puerto Vallarta Mayan Palace, call plenty in advance to reserve your spots. If you have never heard of zip lining, just wait until you see what goes on atop the trees of the jungle in Puerto Vallarta. Many of the best package deals include excursions and tours as a part of the offering. While making your plans at the Mayan Palace Puerto Vallarta, find out what is available in terms of added extras and included excursions.

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