Puerto Vallarta Spring Break

Puerto Vallarta spring break is wild and crazy, but not nearly to the degree to which it is in Cancun and Daytona. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for spring break in Mexico along with the aforementioned Cancun, Acapulco, and Cabo San Lucas. Puerto Vallarta spring break hotels can be found easily from the middle of March to whenever the entire spring break machine ultimately starts to wind down in April. Students looking to take advantage of discounts and savings are best advised to book their all inclusive spring break vacation to Puerto Vallarta as far in advance as possible. As you get closer to March, rooms begin to fill up and rates invariably begin to rise.

Puerto Vallarta Spring Break
Puerto Vallarta Spring Break

Puerto Vallarta spring break hotels like the Hacienda Hotel and Beach Club, the Plaza Pelicanos, and the Canto de Sol are good examples of accommodations that welcome students around this time of year and offer special vacation packages for those booking in large groups. You can make your all inclusive spring break vacation to Puerto Vallarta a lot more affordable by not only booking well in advance, but also by trying to book along with a group of friends. Group discounts mean more money in your pocket for clubbing and having fun on the popular Malecon (the boardwalk and the center of nightlife and entertainment in PV). Each of the three above mentioned hotels have large outdoor pools, dining on the premises, concierge services, and swanky accommodations.

Once you situate where you will be spending your Puerto Vallarta spring break, you can get down to the fun details of what to do and where to go while you are there. There are a couple of things that are absolute must-dos while in Puerto Vallarta. The first is of course to hang out on the beach. In Puerto Vallarta, there are some 320 days of sunshine a year, an average annual temperate in the mid 80s, and the golden beaches are around every corner. The sunbathing, people watching, and relaxing is second to none in the gorgeous surroundings of this tropical paradise. Secondly, you have to try out at least one of the amazing excursions in Puerto Vallarta. As you plan your all inclusive spring break vacation to Puerto Vallarta, try to find a travel service that can connect you with a hotel that includes excursion in their packaged deals. Most of the Puerto Vallarta spring break hotels understand what appeals to college students and oftentimes offer zip lining adventures, snorkeling excursions, awesome diving, or ATV jungle tours as a part of a special student offering.

Any Puerto Vallarta spring break is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. From the moment you touch down at PVR (the international airport) you will be struck the gorgeous tropical foliage, jungles, and golden beaches. Your spring break doesn’t really start though until you are into your room and ready to head out onto the beach and into the clubs. The atmosphere in Puerto Vallarta during spring break is vibrant and amazing.

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