Puerto Vallarta Vacations

Puerto Vallarta vacations are quickly becoming some of the most popular of any of the destinations along Mexico’s coasts. For many people, Puerto Vallarta is now the destination of choice over Cancun and Acapulco. Spring Break is growing in popularity as well. Even remote and charming Cabo is getting a run for its money these days, and for good reason. The golden sandy beaches, Sierra Madres, and tropical jungles make this one of the most beautiful places on the western Pacific coast. Banderas Bay is a perfect destination for romantic vacations to Puerto Vallarta. Every enchanted islet and cove and each and every jungle trail emanates the tropical spirit of Puerto Vallarta. Get swept away on a zip lining expedition, swim with the dolphins and go whale watching, or just sit back at the pool or on the beach and deserve an icy, and well-deserved cocktail.

A beach vacation to Puerto Vallarta is guaranteed to please with steamy jungles, romantic, moon-lit beaches, formidable mountains with dense trails, and of course the crystal blue waters of the North Pacific coast. The first thing you will have to decide is where you plan to stay. Luckily enough there are seemingly about as many hotels and resorts in PV as there are people who visit this coastal resort destination. And although this is an overstatement, you will find that there are a wide variety of options from condos and small villas on the beach to all inclusive resorts and luxury hotels. Puerto Vallarta vacations are only as good as the place where you stay so choose wisely.

It is, however, hard to imagine anyone staying anywhere in Puerto Vallarta where they will not absolutely love it and want to return time and time again. You have the ability to view pictures of any accommodation you are considering before making final decisions about your beach vacation to Puerto Vallarta and your travel agent will be more than happy to assist with planning when it comes to the finer details. Yelapa is quite a bit different than Nuevo Vallarta but both are technically referred to as Puerto Vallarta. Make sure you are working with a knowledgeable provider who can be sure that you are staying near to all of the activites and attractions you are interested in.

Romantic vacations to Puerto Vallarta have been a big reason why this resort destination has grown steadily in popularity over the years. Now it is the norm for couples to plan Puerto Vallarta vacations as the place for both their weddings and honeymoons. Couples looking to do this should do their research as many of the all inclusive resorts offer special packaged deals for people getting married on the premises and honeymooning in the resort. Romantic vacations to Puerto Vallarta are a guarantee for any couple spending time together along these enchanted shores.

If you are planning a beach vacation to Puerto Vallarta, be sure that you try to book your reservations as far in advance as possible. Many resorts offer significant discounts for people who book 30 days out and even greater savings for those who do so 60 days in advance.

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