Puerto Vallarta Travel

Puerto Vallarta Travel
Puerto Vallarta Travel

Puerto Vallarta travel is rewarding anytime of the year; the region is at the same latitude as Hawaii, and has a similar sub-tropical climate with anything from 300 to 345 days of sunshine per year. However, the tropical rainy season lasts from about mid-June through about mid-October, with the heaviest rains in July, August, and September. And, it can be extremely hot during this time, which is exacerbated by the high humidity. Even so, the rains generally begin in the late afternoon, leaving sunshine for much of the daytime. This means that a summer Puerto Vallarta tourist will still be able to get out and about for a good portion of the visit.

Fishing trips to Puerto Vallarta can occur all year long, as there are certain species of sport fish that are spectacularly plentiful during the rainy season. The avid sport fisherman on a mission to bag a certain prize doesn’t care too much if it’s raining, and being out on the water helps to mitigate the humid heat. This is also true for surfing and scuba diving. Ironically, it is during the winter when the visibility is the best—ranging from 80 to 150 feet. The visibility decreases to 30 to 50 feet during the winter. Waves around Sayulita (the best surfing spot on the coast) are better during the winter, but currents are strong so you should be experienced.

Almost all trips to Puerto Vallarta occur from about mid-October through mid-June when the weather is most pleasant. The Puerto Vallarta tourist who shows up during the off season usually does so for special events or some other specific reason. If you decide that when to go to Puerto Vallarta is during the rainy season, you will certainly find exceedingly low prices. But you should definitely check with hotels, as some (especially the smaller ones and those in jungle locations) close during this period. Fortunately, almost all the most important things to do in Puerto Vallarta are best done during the best weather.

Best Time to Visit Puerto Vallarta
Best Time to Visit Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta travel is popular with young people from the United States during the college spring break period. They come to celebrate the spring, and are drawn by the city’s celebrated nightlife. Dozens of famous nightclubs, discos, and music bars are here, concentrated mainly along the Malecon (the city’s popular mile-long oceanfront promenade) in Old Town, and around the Marina Vallarta area. Most trips to Puerto Vallarta appeal to travelers because of its beautiful beaches and long spectacularly scenic coastline. The beaches and the views are there throughout the year.

A lot of Puerto Vallarta travel occurs for one very specific reason—the incredibly close whale watching encounters you can have along the stretch of coastline that extends from Yelapa south of Puerto Vallarta all the way along the Riviera Nayarit coast nearly to the Baja Peninsula. Trips to Puerto Vallarta to see this marine spectacle should be made from about October through about March. This is the time when the great mammals migrate from the Alaska waters to calve. In particular, the area around Punta Mita and Sayulita is filled with whales at this time. In fact, the uninhabited Islas Marietas, which lie just offshore, are a whale nursery, and you can see pods of as many as 50 mothers with their calves. Almost every Puerto Vallarta tourist will at least get a glimpse of whales at the peak of the season because they can often be seen quite close to shore.

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