Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya lies between the Caribbean Sea and the jungles on the eastern coast of Mexico. The region starts just south of Cancun and meanders more than 80 miles south to Tulum. This stretch of beaches, eco-tourism hotspots, and all-inclusive resorts is every inch a seaside paradise. But there's more to Riviera Maya. It's been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, an arm of the United Nations because of its deep connection to history and its irreplaceable Mayan ruins. Not far from these historic gems, you'll find uncrowded beaches and eco-outfitters ready to take you on adventures on land or sea. Riviera Maya is also home to Mexico's very first Biosphere Reserve. Its great Maya Reef, the biggest coral reef system in North America, protects a rainbow of sea life, offering some of the best diving in the region. 

All Inclusive Resorts

All Inclusive Resorts
All Inclusive Resorts

While Riviera Maya is quieter than its neighbors Cancun and Cozumel, that doesn't mean there's no creature comforts to be found in the region. Its boutique hotels and luxury properties provide comfortable places to stay and so much more. In total, Riviera Maya has more than 200 hotels with rooms numbering in the 13,000 range. The bulk of places to stay are found in Playa del Carmen, the no-longer sleepy fishing village. Its seaside resorts offer much more than a play to stay with all-inclusive packages that include 24-hour access to good food and drink. You won’t have to worry about pulling out your wallet every time you want to order a cocktail or play a round of tennis. The resorts often are located steps away from the beach, which really expands the options for fun in the sun. With the addition of the Hard Rock Resort Riviera Maya, your choices are getting a lot more fun. The third Hard Rock Hotel in Mexico—and its fourth all-inclusive resort—offers so much more than a room for the night. Guests have access to the pools, fun along the beach, 24-hour dining, and other perks. Because it's a Hard Rock resort, you can expect plenty of live music, amazing memorabilia, and other ways to rock. 

Riviera Maya Beaches

Riviera Maya Beaches
Riviera Maya Beaches

Whether you've book one of the full vacation packages or you're putting together an a la carte vacation, Riviera Maya will have plenty to do—whatever your tastes. With miles and miles of beaches, you'll have plenty of space to soak up the sun. If you're the type who wants a nap or you'd prefer adventure, there will be a spot on the beach for you. Many outfitters equip visitors with everything they need for adventures, such as kite boards, parasails, and personal watercraft. Of course, you also can rent an umbrella if you'd like to take things slow. Because the coral reef is so magical, you should visit one of the outfitters to pick up gear for snorkeling or diving. If you need to learn the tools of the trade, consider taking one of the classes or book a guided adventures. Speaking of guides, many locals are available to take you on a guided tour. On the water, they lead fishing charters, dolphin tours, and relaxing sightseeing excursions. Back on land, a good guide can take you through the Mayan ruins, including the capital city of Chichen Itza. This pre-Columbian marvel with worth the visit—it's truly one of the world treasures, easy to reach from Rivera Maya.

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