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Depending on what catches your eye, there are many great choices for shopping in Mexico. Whether you want your Mexico vacation to include shopping at local markets with homemade arts or simply stock up on inexpensive goodies from overseas, you'll find a wide array of great shopping markets. Shopping Mexico is not only a great way to pass an afternoon, but also provides plenty of excellent deals and access to popular Latin American art. All tourist towns, such as Cozumel, Cabo San Lucas, Taxco, Acapulco and even the capital Mexico City, will have shopping in one form or another.

Mexico City shopping is truly a treat. As a major metropolitan area, travelers will find that Mexico City shopping has all of the brand names one might find in any large city. Mexico City shopping is, for the most part, concentrated in an area known as the Polanco. Along with high-end malls, travelers will also find an array of hand made crafts and local art in this area. Popular music and jewelry stores are also nearby.

Even if your Mexico vacation doesn't take you through the capital city, you'll still find plenty of shopping. Shopping Mexico in the city of Puerto Vallarta is unique. Along with the usual array of clothing, cigars and inexpensive alcohol for tourists, the city of Puerto Vallarta also contains a market from the Huichol Indians. The Huichol Indians are one of the last remaining indigenous groups that continue to keep ancient traditions alive and the art they offer at the Puerto Vallarta market is grand. If your Mexico vacation brings you to Puerta Vallarta, be sure to check out this unique market.

Mexico travel to the city of Taxco is also unique. Taxco is Mexico's silver capital, and anyone looking to include high quality silver shopping in his or her Mexico travel tour will do well to make a stop in Taxco. As one of Mexico's smaller areas, there are no malls or large markets in Taxco, but for silver lovers it is a must see.

For those shopping Mexico as they travel Mexico, spots such as Cozumel and Cabo San Lucas offer the sort of souvenir shopping you might expect from tourist towns. Acapulco Mexico shopping, for instance, is an excellent place to purchase Cuban cigars, liquor and imitation local art. If your Mexico travel only allows a short stop in a market at one of these towns, you'll still be able to find some inexpensive goods and some interesting art to take home.

No matter what sort of shopping your Mexico vacation includes, Mexico travel is enhanced by strolling through a day market and taking in all that busy shopping center in Mexico has to offer.

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