Sonora Mexico

Sonora Mexico is a state in northwestern Mexico that shares a border with the United States, as well as the Mexican states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa. Most notably, Sonora Mexico is known economically for cattle production and mining, and among tourists for the pristine beaches that line the coast. In addition to great beaches, Sonora Mexico also sports a number of other fascinating sights and activities. From touring the desert to visiting the Alamos Monuments, Sonora State Mexico is full of places to explore.

The Sonoran desert covers much of Sonora State Mexico, as well as spreading into Arizona and California. As one of the largest and hottest deserts in all of North America, it covers an area of more then 120,000 square miles. Cacti pepper the landscape and a variety of rare and unique wildlife inhabit much of the desert. In 2001, a large portion of the desert was set aside as protected land with the idea of preserving resources in the precious Sonora State Mexico location.

Another natural reserve well worth viewing is the creek of Cuchujaqui. As an ecological reserve, the creek is one of the most important subtropical areas in the Northern Hemisphere. Due to its location, the creek of Cuchujaqui draws hundreds of migratory birds each year and is the subject of international study and interest. Day tours from Alamos can be arranged as part of many Sonora travel packages.

Sonora Mexico is also home to the Alamos Historical Monuments; a group of 188 structures in the Colonial City of Alamos that were declared monuments by President Zedillo on November 23rd, 2000, with scores of 17th and 18th century mansions that were built and later abandoned. After World War II, many of these mansions were restored, and tourists can tour the structures for a fee that goes to support college and university education for deserving Mexican students. Alamos also feature the Museo Costumbrista de Sonora, one of the best museums in Northern Sonora Mexico.

Sonora travel in the city of Alamos can also be full of festivals and events. A long list of special holidays is passionately celebrated in the city, from the Day of the Dead, to Christmas, to other celebration of patron saints and traditional Mexican holidays. The city also has a vibrant music scene with a special week in January devoted to all things music. Ortiz Tirade, a music and arts festival, takes place between January 20th and 28th. It features national and international musicians performing throughout the week.

A bevy of historical hotels and other accommodation can be found in Alamos and throughout much of Sonora Mexico. If your Sonora travel only leaves time for a quick meal in Alamos, you may have a hard time choosing one of the many appetizing restaurants downtown. Most of the cuisine is influenced heavily by the flavors of Spain; however, there are also plenty of local spots that feature native dishes as well.

Some of the best Mexico travel Sonora features can be found in the wide Sonoran desert or in the winding colonial streets of historical Alamos. Sonora travel packages are available with day tours of important monuments and protected eco-reserves, which can provide some of the best ways to explore this enchanting area.

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