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Taxco is known throughout the world as the silver capital of Mexico. In 1524, Cortes opened the silver mines of Taxco in the hills of the Sierra Madre, after discovering the use the Aztecs had been making of the silver for years. Although the old silver mines of the colonial days are no longer in operation, Taxco silver remains a staple throughout the city of Taxco and beyond. The Garden of Taxco, a popular Los Angeles restaurant, was even inspired by the exotic nature of Taxco. Travelers will, however, find the feel of colonial Mexico still in place, with plenty of stucco buildings dotting the landscape. There are also restrictions on any new construction in Taxco Mexico, requiring that colonial themes continue to be employed. While the main attraction to Taxco is shopping for silver, there are also a few festivals in Taxco Mexico that are worth checking out if your travel plans allow.

To reach the city of Taxco, tourists may choose between taking a bus and driving there via a rental car. From Mexico City, Taxco is about a 3-4 hour drive. There are two choices when coming from Mexico City; one highway will involve a toll charge, and one will not. By bus, the journey will take about the same amount of time. Bus prices in Mexico are very reasonable, and travelers will find that Taxco Mexico has two bus stations. It may be helpful to check the location of your accommodation when deciding which station to use.

Upon arrival, travelers will find an incredible amount of Taxco jewelry, showcases at the largest Taxco silver market in the world. The city has almost 1,000 Taxco silver stores and tourists can choose from a wide variety of Taxco jewelry. Prices are moderate, with real, quality Taxco jewelry pieces ranging in cost from $1 to about $200 for high-end trinkets. Shops also feature a nice mix of locally produced stone sculptures.

Taxco also hosts a month long Silver Fair, beginning in November and continuing through December. Artists from all around the area come to display their silver and stone workings. A literary festival also takes place during this week and is one of the most fun events to visit in Taxco Mexico. Travelers will also enjoy checking out the near by Mexico ruins Taxco offers.

Although most visitors to Taxco are there for the day, Taxco can also be a nice place to stay for one night, or a few. The nightlife is quiet, but the surrounding mountains, and Taxco's location, make for stunning views. Accommodation in Taxco is inexpensive and easy to book. There are generally rooms available year round and great options for any travelers who make a last minute decision to make a weekend of their Taxco day trip.

No matter how you choose to enjoy Taxco, either by perusing Taxco jewelry at one of the many Taxco silver shops or simply by taking the charming colonial feel, Taxco is a peaceful getaway for your Mexico vacation.

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