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Whether you've been to Mexico before or are looking to plan your first trip to the southern part of North America, there is a myriad of interesting things to do. Mexico is one of the best places in the world for surfing, scuba diving, body boarding, fishing and snorkeling. While any Mexico travel is filled with sun, there are also plenty of things to do and visit away from the beach as well. Many travel companies offer all-inclusive vacations Mexico and which is a great way to combine booking fun activities with flight and hotel. Here is a compilation of some of the most popular ways to enjoy Mexico vacations.

Scuba Dive

Most beach towns in Mexico will offer scuba diving in some form. For beginners or those looking to dip into some light diving, there are diving schools located at most resorts. While Cabo San Lucas and Cozumel are known internationally as world-class diving hot spots, just about any popular city on the beach will offer exhilarating scuba diving options for your Mexico travel.

Visit a Volcano

Mexico Volcano
Mexico Volcano

Popocateptl is a snow capped mountain range that offers an exciting climb for anyone interested in an expansive and impressive view. Once you've climbed into the mountains, you can also scuba dive in the water filled craters you find, for a truly unique look at wildlife in the mountains.


If you aren't ready to take the scuba diving plunge, snorkeling can be a great way to pass an afternoon. Off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, snorkelers will find the second largest coral reef in the world, with a wide range of exotic sea life to explore.

Go Shopping

Most Mexico travel will include a stop at the local shops. While all major cities and tourist locations will offer shopping, for those looking to purchase some local arts and crafts, Guadalajara is generally thought of as the best. As tourism is one of the largest revenue sources for the country, however, great shopping will be available just about everywhere.

Attend a Festival

No matter when you go and where you stay, there are often great local celebrations taking place. One of the most widely celebrated holidays is September 16th, the Mexican Day of Independence, and tourists will be treated to an array of parades and colorful parties as they travel Mexico on this day.

Find the Hot Springs

Mexico vacations often center on a trip to the beach, but Mexico City also has its own water adventure to offer, with one of the world's best collection of natural hot springs. All inclusive vacations Mexico, and resorts throughout the city offer high-class ways to enjoy this Mexico travel treat.

Take a Tour

Whether you take a tour of a modern day Mexican city, or go back in time with a trip through an ancient civilization, a tour through any part of Mexico is bound to provide a day, or even a whole week, of fun.

Board a Cruise Ship

Many all-inclusive vacations Mexico offer packages that involve a cruise ship. Some cruises start off shore and travel to different locations along the Mexican coast, and some are simply a way to travel around while staying in Mexico.

Go to the Beach

With all the sun, sand and surf, no Mexico travel would be complete without some time at the beach. Pack your swimming suit and plenty of sun block and take your time with a good book or fun with the family building sand castles at the beach.

Take a ride on the Copper Canyon Railway

Also known as the Chihuahua Pacific Railway, the Copper Canyon train dips through canyons and reveals stunning views of mesas and bare peaks. An engineering miracle, this can be a great way to get travel within Mexico or even just to hop on for the day.

Whether you travel Mexico and pack your trip full of activities, or simply spend your time relaxing on the beach, there is truly an option for all Mexico Vacations.



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