Many associate Tijuana Mexico with hours of endless entertainment and seedy back alleys. While the Tijuana of today still has its share of tourist traps, the economy and face, of Tijuana have changed. Once popular for showcasing many activities that were illegal in the United States, Tijuana has now outlawed such attractions as cockfights and gambling. Tijuana Mexico is the second largest city on the pacific coast, second only to Los Angeles in size. The employment rate of the city is among the lowest in all of Mexico and travelers looking to see big city life in Mexico will get a glimpse in Tijuana.

One of the most famous attractions in Tijuana Mexico is the Avenida Revolucion, a street known by many as a center for illicit fun of the past. Today, most of the busy activity is made up of shopping, dining and enjoying tequila. Travelers will find the Avenida Revolucion line with merchants selling a wide variety of handmade and factory produced products. For tourists with the time, taking to tour Tijuana more extensively will be well worth it. Many other areas of the city offer a more traditional view of Mexican life.

Many travelers tour Tijuana for its vibrant nightlife. Along with plenty of dance clubs that feature pounding house music, Tijuana also has a wide range of sports bars. Sports bars in Tijuana Mexico generally have satellite TV, showing games from around the world and offering a cozy spot to sip a beer, watch a game or talk with friends.

Of the many reasons to tour Tijuana, shopping is by far the most popular. Tijuana is the west coast's most used border crossing, with over 21 million people a year crossing for the shopping alone. Shopping in Tijuana Mexico is mostly popular for the wide range of goods available at very low prices. Liquor, household items, pottery, blankets and much more are for sale year round. There are rules about what you may bring back over the border; no more then $800 worth of merchandise per person. Custom officials will check, so be sure to carry receipts with you for your goods.

If you would like to see the city with the help of a knowledgeable tour guide, Tijuana tours are available. Tijuana tours generally take tourists through the main points of interest in Tijuana Mexico and most will stop near shopping centers to allow guests time to gather souvenirs. Most Tijuana tours will also take travelers to the Museo de Cera, the only wax museum in Tijuana, which is a curiously popular attraction in the city.

While not all Mexico vacations will include a trip to Tijuana, for anyone who plans to travel Mexico near the city, Tijuana is worth the stop. Be sure to check the Centro Cultural Tijuana, Tijuana's cultural center. The cultural center gives a great sense of how far this Mexican border city has come since its colonial days, and offers a fascinating historical backdrop to Tijuana tours.

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