Tlaquepaque is a shopper's paradise for visitors to Mexico. This Guadalajara suburb, known also as San Pedro Tlaquepaque, is an artists' community where visitors can peruse gallery after gallery of exquisite pottery, glass artwork, sculpture, and photography. This arts and crafts village attracts many talented artists and craftsmen, and buying a unique piece of art or a curio at Tlaquepaque can be a memorable experience, especially in the delightful atmosphere of the town, with quaint restaurants, cobbled streets, and vine-covered walls. As the city of Guadalajara has sprung up around it, the town of Tlaquepaque Mexico has retained its old-fashioned feel and is designed to resemble a traditional Mexican town.

One of the most popular plazas for tourists to visit in San Pedro Tlaquepaque is El Parian. Here at this colonnaded plaza you will find many restaurants and bars where you can dine and drink, while being serenaded by local mariachi bands, for which Tlaquepaque is well known. Order pozole and other traditional dishes, and toss it back with a beer or a margarita. Speaking of beer, a brewery in the town, Oak Creek Brewery, produces unique local beers that you may want to sample. Another place of interest is the main square, known as Hidalgo Garden (El Jardin Hidalgo), where you can see a large statue of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, otherwise known as the father of Mexican independence. You can also go visit the San Pedro Church in Tlaquepaque, which dates from the 1600s and features a bell tower and some intricate stone carvings on its front.

For those in search of art exhibits, you may wish to start at the El Refugio Culture Center, which showcases ever-changing exhibits throughout the year. During the San Pedro festivities in June (Saint Peter is, of course, San Pedro Tlaquepaque's patron saint), many street stalls and art sellers set up their wares at Hidalgo Garden. Tlaquepaque pottery is particularly well-known, and all kinds of pottery and ceramics can be found here, created with all the most advanced techniques. For some amazing examples of ceramics, visit the National Ceramics Awards Museum.

Glass is also a famous artisan product made in Tlaquepaque Mexico, and the colorful blown glass made in the town is known as the best in all of Mexico. Pick up an exquisite glass dish, vase, or cup to bring home as a souvenir or as a unique gift. Stretched blown glass is an especially prized technique, and is used to make decorative figurines and other artistic pieces. In addition to pottery and glass, artisans are also skilled in weaving colorful textiles, and making art out of metal and paper. For the shopping fiend, there are shops full of jewelry, clothing, and curios waiting to be combed through.

For tourists visiting Guadalajara, taking a trip to Tlaquepaque Mexico can be a highlight of your stay. San Pedro Tlaquepaque has a village feel, and a stop here allows you to escape the busy hustle of downtown Guadalajara and enjoy the finer things of life. Many tourists find an inexpensive hotel in Guadalajara but still make time for Tlaquepaque during their stay in the city. It is the best place in the city for souvenir shopping, as well as a delightful and relaxing day trip just 30 minutes' drive from the big city.

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