Mexico Tours

Mexico Tours
Mexico Tours

As an incredibly diverse country, Mexico tours can take varying forms. Beach tours, jungle tours, historical city tours, and tours of ancient ruins can all be booked before you travel to Mexico, or upon arriving. Most adventure tours Mexico offers can be booked at your hotel or online. Whether you are looking for a knowledgeable expert to take you on guided Mexico tours, or want to create your own tours of Mexico, some of the most popular Mexico tours are listed below.

Mayan Ruins Tour

The country of Mexico is famous for the rich Mayan history that colors its history. Evidence of that history remains in the form of virtually untouched Mayan ruins. Temples, palaces and pyramids have left a mysterious tribute to people that vanished centuries ago. One of the most popular tours of Mexico is a tour of the Mayan empire. Tours can be arranged for one day, or up to a month, depending on your travel and tour plans. Most tours take travelers through the more prominent Mayan cities, such as Chichen Itza, Tulum, Cancun and Palenque. If you only have a short time for Mayan tours of Mexico, Palenque is one of the more important Mayan cities, and is studied by archaeologists from around the world. Home to the enormous Temple of the Sun, makes Palenque is truly majestic.

For longer tours of the Mayan ruins, you"ll likely want to plan ahead. During the busy season, these tours fill up quickly and you"ll want to reserve a spot. If you are planning to take a day trip to any of these ruins, Mexico group tours are available, as well as transportation if you want to travel on your own. Tours in Mexico of the Mayan ruins are well worth the time if your vacation plans take you anywhere near a ruin site.

Adventure Tours Mexico

The best adventure tours Mexico offers are generally found near the coast. Mexico is one of the best places in the world to scuba dive, fish and surf. A host of other beach tour activities are also available for just about any sort of interest. Guided Mexico tours on horseback offer a great way to spend a day on the beach or trekking through the jungle. Tours in Mexico by boat can last anywhere from an afternoon to a week or more. Sunset dinner cruises are widely available in popular tourist towns like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Cozumel. Guided Mexico tours by boat for both beginner and expert scuba divers are also available from any of the more popular diving resort towns. Scuba diving tours in Mexico via boat are a great way for beginners to practice diving for multiple days in order to fully master the basics.

Historical Tours in Mexico

Guided Mexico tours and Mexico group tours are also widely available in many areas of Mexico. For the history buff, a tour of historical Mexico can be a fascinating trip back in time to colonial Mexico and beyond. Cities such as Guadalajara, Mexico City, Alamos and San Miguel offer daily tours of historical districts. Mexico group tours that traverse the entirety of the most historical sections of Mexico are also available, and can be book for up to a month. If you plan to make just one city tour within Mexico, Alamos in Sonora State is an excellent choice. Recently declared a Mexican historical monument, Alamos features over 150 gorgeous historical structures that are open daily for touring.

Although there are a lot of choices when choosing the right Mexico tours for your vacation, Mexico group tours and adventures can be a great way to see the country with the help of an expert or do some exploring on your own. Many travel companies offer discounts on Mexico tours when you also book airfare and accommodation with them, so be sure to check around when planning your trip.

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