Transportation in Mexico

If you are planning a trip to Mexico any time soon, you"ll likely be wondering how to get around your destination once you arrive. Mexico trasnportaion is surprisingly convenient for a developing country and travelers will find that getting from place to place is quite inexpensive. The most popular way to trek through the country is by bus travel in Mexico; however, rental cars and train trips are also great ways to see the sights.

Popular and modernized locations, such as Mexico City, have an excellent public metro network. Bus travel in Mexico is by far the cheapest way to travel around, both in and between cities, and buses in the city look more like above ground trains. While rush hour can be a very busy time to ride the bus, women and children will find that the first two cars of every metro train have been reserved for them. This is an excellent option to provide additional comfort for women traveling alone.

Another choice for Mexico transportation is the rental car. Mexico has the largest infrastructure of paved highways of any country in Latin America and travelers can easily obtain a driver"s license. If you hold an international license, you will not be required to take any additional exams. Even if you have never had a driver"s license in your life, you can readily get a license from various government offices throughout major cities. As you might expect, the more lax rules of license requirements mean that driving rules in Mexico are more relaxed and drivers will do well to drive cautiously and be ready for anything.

If getting behind the wheel isn"t really your style, you can always hop on the train. In the 1950"s, the public train system in Mexico was abandoned to the care of private companies, making train travel an exceedingly expensive option for locals. The one train system that still offers a sensible alternative transportation in Mexico is the Chihuahua Pacific Railway. Winding through difficult terrain, this is just about the only way to see the sites along the Copper Canyon, and can be a lovely way to take advantage of Mexico transportation.

Bus travel in Mexico, along with rental cars, is by far the most popular choices when looking for transportation in Mexico. The train is a great choice for those looking to find a new way to see beautiful countryside, or for those needing to travel safely through the difficult Copper Canyon terrain. While bus travel is the most inexpensive option, there are plenty of great ways to combine fun and beautiful scenery with your transportation in Mexico.



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