Hotel Imperial, Veracruz

Hotel Imperial

Miguel Lerdo 153

The Hotel Imperial Veracruz, is located at the main plaza of Veracruz City, in the heart of the downtown, the Zocalo. It is the oldest hotel in the entire American continent, founded in the year of 1794, as a luxury hotel. When the Spanish came in the 14th century, to conquer Mexico, they founded the first city of all our continent, Veracruz. Yes, it is the first city in all America. All the downtown is constructed with coral reef rock, and so the hotel also has the same material. Our suites have names instead of numbers, with names of Aztec kings, and Mexican heroes. We have an 102 years old elevator, and it is still working for our clients. This elevator was the first one in Latin America, when it arrived in the year of 1904. This building where the hotel is located, is considered an historic monument for Mexico. We can say that it is an historic jewel. We also have a lot of tales that happened inside, historic tales. The hotel received lots of guests in the past two centuries. Guests like an old Austrian emperor, Maximilian of Habsburg, and modern guests like Michael Douglas, when he made the film of Romancing the Stone, and a lot of important politicians and artists. Now we are preserving this history, and legendary hotel. We adapt our services to our clients needs. Additional information: Children age 11 and under stay free in the room with parents and in existing bedding. Children over this age will be considered an adult.