Mexico Whale Watching

Whale watching in Mexico is one of the great experiences an animal loving traveler can have in Mexico. Gray whales make a migration to the Sea of Cortez each fall from the northern Bering waters to birth their young and spend the winter in the warm waters near the equator. These gray whales make the longest migration of any mammal, traveling 6,000 miles at a speed of about 4 knots. Although gray whales were once plentiful off the shores of Europe as well as the Pacific coast, today they can only be found making a Pacific migration.

Probably the best place to observe these gentle whales with their calves is Magdalena Bay off of the coast of Los Cabos. Whale watching in Los Cabos Mexico is available through a variety of different tours. Because these whales are protected, whale watching in Los Cabos Mexico follows strict guidelines, and ships are only allowed to sail in certain areas. Whale watching in Los Cabos Mexico will provide some excellent tour options, however. Tours can last anywhere from one afternoon to a full week with food and lodging accommodations provided by the tour company.

Mexico whale watching will reveal colonies of gray whales that are among the most gentle whale species in the world. Gray whale mothers are incredibly protective and make especially attentive caretakers. Tourists are likely to see mothers at play with their calves, and can be seen carrying their calves on their back when the young become tired. Gray whale mothers are almost never away from their calves, and can be seen giving the young whales constant attention. This is good news for tourists hoping to see a family unit. You will almost never see a calf without seeing the mother close behind.

Gray whales also tend to stick together in a pack. This is another boon to whale watchers, as it means that there is often a good chance you will see multiple whales on your whale-watching trip. If you do plan to book a Mexico whale watching tour, you will want to do so well in advance. Since the whale-watching season falls during what is also Mexico"s busiest tourist season, hotels and Mexico whales watching tours fill up quickly. You will sometimes find the best rates by booking a vacation package to combine a tour with your flight and hotel accommodation.

Another advantage to whale watching tours in Mexico is that travelers can also take part in many other great activities on the gorgeous Baja Peninsula. Deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, and beautiful beaches make the Baja Peninsula an excellent destination. Whale watching is just one of the many things to do off the coast of Los Cabos, but it is often one of the most memorable. Whales have been migrating from the north to the Sea of Cortez for thousands and thousands of years, and a Mexico whale watching tour is the perfect way to be a part of the ancient tradition.



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