Zihuatanejo Mexico

Zihuatanejo Mexico, sometimes called Zihua, is a quiet beach village located near its more modern counterpart, Ixtapa. The Ixtapa Zihuatanejo combination is one that offers travelers a chance to experience modern luxury and peaceful simplicity in one vacation. Ixtapa Zihuatanejo are two resort towns with almost nothing in common, which can add to the allure of vacationing in a small, but diverse, area. In pre-Columbian times, Zihuatanejo existed as a small indigenous village. The tribal leader, Calzonzin, built a rock wall in the harbor of Zihuatanejo, meant to provide a sheltered swimming area just for women and children. This rock wall still exists today, and visitors can continue to benefit from this protected Zihuatanejo Mexico swimming hole.


In the 1960's and 1970's, Zihuatanejo became a destination for travelers looking to visit a Mexican town with little tourism. Zihuatenjo Mexico has remained a sleepy village, with clean beaches and moderately priced hotels. Unlike Ixtapa Mexico, its neighbor, the Zihuatanejo experience is one that offers a glimpse into the quiet Mexican life. Nearby Ixtapa is home to higher end resorts, such as Club Med Ixtapa and other luxury accommodations.

One popular attraction in Zihuatanejo is the Museo de Arqueologia de la Costa Grande. This Zihuatanejo Ixtapa museum is easily accessible from both towns, and offers daily tours of ancient pottery, art, and foreign trade. A tour of the museum will take about thirty minutes, and the fee is quite low. This museum is definitely worth the time and expense.

Accommodation in Zihuatanejo is less expensive then in Ixtapa Mexico. While the choices are more economical, you will also want to be careful when booking your Zihuatanejo hotel. Some “beach huts” take the term literally, and unless you are specifically looking for a little bungalow, you'll want to confirm that you are paying for exactly what you have in mind.

Traveling to Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa Mexico by plane is fairly simple, but may be more expensive then flying into a larger airport. The Zihuatanejo Ixtapa airport is about seven miles south of Zihuatanejo by car, and taxis will be readily available at the airport for a moderate fee. A few car rental companies also operate out of offices at the airport, and may be booked online in advance, or in person once you arrive. You may also choose to fly into Mexico City and drive your rental car to Zihuatanejo. Thanks to a newly completely highway, travel between Mexico City and Zihuatanejo will take about four hours, as compared to seven hours driving along the back roads. Depending on your time and budget, this may be a less expensive option.

Zihuatanejo is the perfect spot for anyone looking for a quiet, beachside spot to read, relax, and take each day as it comes. The town also offers excellent access to Ixtapa for any travelers looking to indulge in a massage, or a night spent at a luxury hotel. Zihuatanejo makes a great stop as part of a Mexican vacation, or an excellent destination all on its own.

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