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Zihua, also known as Zihuatanejo, is almost nothing like its sister city, Ixtapa. While Ixtapa sports some of the finest hotels in Mexico, Zihua is truly a quiet Mexican get-away and a great choice for Mexico vacations. In the 1960's and 1970's, this town became a place for travelers all around the world to make their way and experience some of the simpler pleasures in Mexican life. Today, Zihua remains a sleepy little village, and Mexico hotels here in this quiet place are simple and moderately priced. Many travelers choose to visit both Ixtapa and Zihua, and sample both styles of Mexico vacations. For your Zihua stay, the list below includes some of the more popular Zihua hotels in Mexico.

Zihua Mexico Hotels

Mexico hotels in Zihua are not as kid-friendly as the larger Mexico hotels and resorts in near-by Ixtapa. Many Zihua hotels in Mexico discourage guests from bringing children, and even have times of the year when guests under 16 are not allowed. Families with children will want to be sure and call ahead if they plan to stay at one of the Zihua hotels in Mexico. For the most part, Zihua hotels in Mexico are a less expensive alternative to the more expensive spots in Ixtapa. Many guests spend Mexico vacations in both cities for a taste of both a luxurious resort, as well as a quiet Mexican village.

Many of the guests of Zihua hotels in Mexico travel Mexico for the fishing. Zihua is a popular, easygoing fishing town. Travelers will find that Zihua Mexico hotels often offer discounts for fishing trips and boating tours; a great bonus for any Mexico vacations that includes fishing.


For such a small town, Zihua has quite a number of hostels and hotels that allow guests to plan a longer stay- up to three months. If you plan to travel Mexico for three weeks or more, it might be helpful to look into a hostel or apartment. Much of the time, these types of accommodation will feature shared bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas. Prices are lower and guests will generally need to provide their own food. If you are looking to take a fishing sabatical or any other kind of longer Mexico vacations, a hostel is an excellent choice.

For the best hotel Mexicana Zihua has to offer for you, be sure to decide what your accommodation priorities are in advance. Travel agencies often offer last minute Mexico vacations at low prices, and Zihua offers some of the quaintest hotels in Mexico. For anyone who plans to travel Mexico, Zihua and Ixtapa can make a nice combination, encompassing both luxury and a laid-back beach town feel.



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