Alabama and the rest of the Deep South have attracted tourists for more than a hundred years thanks to the region's rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm welcome. From the small resorts along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico to the sprawling inland cities, Alabama in particular is a place that has a great deal to offer visitors.

Birmingham Alabama

Birmingham Alabama
Birmingham Alabama

Although most visitors to Alabama come to the state in order to explore the historic city of Birmingham Alabama and to see the sights and evocative landmarks of the city, there is plenty more besides, and probably the best way of getting the most out of any Alabama vacations is to arrange car hire in order to explore more of the state, and pack in as much as possible. Alabama travel can be one of the most relaxing vacation destinations one can have.

Alabama tourism is rich with outdoor activities. Away from the shopping and sight seeing that you can experience in Birmingham Alabama, the state has plenty of opportunities to laze around the pool, sunbathe on the beaches, and simply enjoy the fantastic weather that you get in Alabama travel throughout the year.

Gulf Shores Alabama

Gulf Shores Alabama
Gulf Shores Alabama

Amongst the top areas for Alabama tourism, the Gulf shores of Alabama offer some of the best beaches in the USA, where you can find miles of sandy shore lines untouched by modern developments, as well as modern resort towns that offer everything that you might need to enjoy a sunshine holiday with the whole family.

One of the main beach resort towns in the state is Orange Beach Alabama, where you can find many attractions that will appeal to everyone.  From a smart and historic boardwalk along the seafront through to fashionable seafood restaurants where you can get a taste for the locally caught fish and fresh food, Orange Beach is great for tourists throughout the day.

Elsewhere in the state, you can enjoy a variety of Alabama vacations that offer a vast range of different experiences including getting out into the great outdoors to go hiking and climbing through the rolling hills of the north of the state, or enter the backwoods areas of the state in order to experience the historic small towns and villages where you can get a real taste of the history of the Deep South.

In places like Huntsville Alabama, and other small towns and cities, you will find a place where you can taste the peace and quiet of a time when life passed at a more comfortable and forgiving pace, and where the was a community spirit that is often lacking today.

Alabama Vacations

Gulf Shores Vacation Rentals
Gulf Shores Vacation Rentals

By hiring a car in Alabama and driving between cities like Birmingham Alabama and the resorts along Gulf Shores Alabama, you will be able to take a vacation in the state that offers you a little bit of everything. That way your Alabama travel plans are filled with more off the beaten path adventures.

With everything from modern cities, historic small towns and bustling beach resorts, Alabama vacations have plenty to offer, no matter what you want from your break, so if you are interested in a break somewhere a little different, then Alabama could well be the destination for you. Take the time to get off the beaten track in this unique state, and you can enjoy the friendliness of the locals as well as being thrilled by the sheer beauty and diversity on offer from places like Huntsville Alabama and Orange Beach Alabama, which offer completely different vacation experiences that will come to suit everyone.

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