Alabama Flights

There are Alabama flights to a number of regional airports, from point to point within the state as well from other states. If you want to fly to Alabama from outside the country, you have two choices—Huntsville International Airport in the north of the state on the Tennessee border, and Birmingham International Airport in the center of the state. Even though Montgomery and Mobile are both large cities, they only have regional airports.

As is true with both international travel and travel within the states, you'll find that your best sources of cheap flights to Alabama will be the booking tool you can find on this page, where all the best fares can be found in one place for easy comparison. You have a wide selection of airlines, as most domestic United States carriers have Alabama flights into the major airports and there are a number of regional flights that can get you into the smaller cities.

Birmingham International Airport is Alabama's largest airport, and offers more than 160 arrivals and departures daily. Second largest is Huntsville International Airport. With these two airports, you can fly to Alabama from all over North and South America as well as Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Mobile, Dothan, and Montgomery all have good sized regional airports, with extensive direct service from many states, and connecting airfare to Alabama service on frequent daily flights. Mobile Regional Airport is becoming a larger hub because of its proximity to the Alabama Cruise Port, and the city's growth as a Caribbean cruises port. Muscle Shores and Tuscaloosa have smaller, municipal airports with Alabama flights that will be useful if you're traveling to one of the more out of the way attractions in the northern or western part of the state.

You'll find that your airfare to Alabama will increase if you're traveling during peak seasons, or planning on arriving during one of the many events occurring throughout the year. Sometimes, you may need to simply get somewhere within the state, regardless of the peak season. In this case, you might consider the cheap flights to Alabama available to cities other than your eventual destination. If it's around Easter, and you're going to Mobile specifically for the Mardi Gras, consider flying into a different airport and utilizing car rentals to get to your final destination. The state is only 330 miles long and 190 miles wide. This means that driving the entire length of the state is a feasible proposition that is apt to reward you with some lovely scenery or one of the state's attractions that you might otherwise have missed.

If you're considering Alabama vacation packages ask about the possibility of having your Alabama flights included as part of the package. In many cases, you can fly to Alabama even more cheaply than any airfare to Alabama you can find online or directly with an airline. Some of these vacation packages include only cheap flights to Alabama and a car rental. Others may also include hotels. And, those centered around certain events will usually have tickets to the events and some sightseeing included.

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