Alabama Airport

Which Alabama airport you utilize depends on what attractions you plan to visit and what things to do interest you. There are flights to a number of regional airports in Alabama both point to point within the state as well from other states. If you want to fly to Alabama from outside the country, you have two choices—Huntsville International Airport in the north of the state on the Tennessee border, and Birmingham Alabama Airport in the center of the state. Even though Montgomery and Mobile are both large cities, they only have regional airports. Still, there are flights to these airports in Alabama from outside the state, and you will find Alabama airport parking at all the airports.

Mobile, Dothan, and Montgomery airports in Alabama all have good sized regional airports, with extensive direct service from many states, and connecting many scheduled flights daily. Muscle Shoals and Tuscaloosa have smaller, municipal airports that will be convenient if you're traveling to one of the more out of the way attractions in the northern or western part of the state.

Mobile and its surrounding area comprise an important destination in the state, probably the most important for vacation travelers. You will need to get to this Alabama airport for your Alabama vacations along the coast, or if you're embarking a ship for one of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico cruises that departs from the new Alabama Cruise Port. There are direct flights to Mobile from several southern states, with Memphis, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia having the most frequent schedules. Dallas and Ft. Worth in Texas and Charlotte North Carolina also have direct flights. You may connect through one of these cities en route to Mobile. You may connect through Huntsville or the Birmingham Alabama Airport if you're coming from a state further afield or from an international destination. The Mobile Alabama airport is a large and modern facility, and there are bound to be more direct flights into it once the traffic to the Alabama Cruise Port begins to build.

There is the same kind of Alabama airport parking at these airports that you will find at most major United States facilities, with both short and long term available. The fees for this are less expensive than you generally find at a major international airport, and the Mobile airport offers valet parking (with a car wash while you're away) for a slightly higher fee.

The Birmingham Alabama Airport is the state's largest airport, and offers more than 160 arrivals and departures daily. Second largest is Huntsville International Airport. With these two airports, you can fly to Alabama from all over North and South America as well as from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. You'll find that Alabama airport parking here if as high-tech as at any major international airport. It is still a bit less expensive than the largest Unites States cities, such as Los Angeles or New York. There is a daily rate garage near the terminals, and a remote long-term lot. An unusual convenience offered at the Birmingham Alabama Airport is the Cell Phone Lot. Drivers with cell phones are allowed to park here near the terminal and at no charge and with no time limit while waiting for arriving passengers.

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