Alabama Cruises

There are probably more Alabama cruises available than you might think, and they are not all on the ocean. The state is on the Gulf of Mexico, offering excellent accessibility to the islands of the Caribbean and to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The new Alabama Cruise Port with its international itineraries on Carnival cruise lines, brings more diversity and tourism possibilities for the state.

The Alabama Cruise Port located in Mobile Bay is the newest cruise ship homeport in the United States. The Carnival fun ship, Holiday, offers Mobile Alabama cruises to the Western Caribbean Islands, Cozumel, and the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. These cruises from Alabama are generally four to six days in length, and therefore allow for time to visit the many attractions in the region, including the beautiful sandy beaches and pristine Dauphin Island. These Mobile Alabama cruises also give you access to the wonderful resorts both in the Mobile region and Cozumel as well as the incredible Mayan ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula.

But attractions in the state also include numerous scenic rivers and lakes, so there are inland Alabama cruises available as well. From March through November, beautiful Bellingrath Gardens offers sightseeing and dinner Mobile Alabama cruises on the Fowl River aboard the vintage steamer, the Southern Belle with a passenger capacity of 150. This is one of the great and unique things to do while visiting the region around Mobile. You'll also find numerous fishing cruises from Alabama—from the Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Mobile regions for exciting deep sea fishing trips, as well as on the many lakes and rivers that additionally provide opportunities for camping and hiking.

The river system in Alabama is quite extensive, and there are a number of companies offering Alabama cruises on the rivers. You'll find that many of the companies offering these river cruises will be located in Montgomery or Mobile, and offer cruises along the Alabama River, entering into the Mobile Bay Delta. Cruising the Alabama River is a very similar experience to cruising the mighty Mississippi. An added bonus is that it's a bit of hidden gem in the Deep South, and there will be far fewer tourists than there are in Louisiana. And, many of the ships plying this river are old paddle wheel steamers, as on the Mississippi.

Mobile Alabama cruises provide the greatest opportunities for excitement and adventure, as they venture out into the Gulf of Mexico. And, if the new, state of the art Alabama Cruise Port is the beginning or ending point of your cruise itinerary, you'll find plenty of attractions and things to do in Alabama or the neighboring states of Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and Mississippi.

With the new Alabama Cruise Port, cruises from Alabama add dimension to and complement the cruise possibilities available from the other southern states of Texas (Galveston), Florida (Miami), and Louisiana (New Orleans) that are established and long standing cruise ports. Because of this, you may find that airlines to Alabama will have cheaper airfares than to those more traditional cruise ports. The facilities here are numerous, including great parking that can even accommodate campers and recreational vehicles.

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