Alabama Fishing

Alabama Fishing
Alabama Fishing

Alabamans like to joke that there are only two kinds of fishing in Alabama—freshwater and saltwater. Obviously, this covers it all, and you will find that there are numerous Alabama fishing spots around the state. These include wilderness state and national parks with camping facilities, lake fishing in Alabama while staying in rental cabins, Alabama deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico waters, and Alabama fly fishing in the state's pristine rivers and streams. Alabama boasts the second largest inland water system in the United States, so there is plenty of fishing in Alabama for enthusiasts to choose from.

Alabama Fishing License
Alabama Fishing License

Lake fishing in Alabama is supported by 23 lakes and 40 reservoirs, which are managed by the state wildlife department. All the lakes were originally stocked with fish, and most now are periodically restocked. Common sports fish to be found in the lakes are bass, catfish, bluegill, crappie, and sunfish. There are several lakes in the northern part of the state, accessible from Huntsville and Birmingham; centrally located lakes near Montgomery; and many lakes in the south around Mobile. Lake fishing in Alabama is enhanced by well-maintained facilities that provide public amenities, fishing supplies and even boat rental. This kind of fishing can easily be enjoyed both by amateurs and professionals.

While Alabama fly fishing does occur in lakes, it is primarily a sport for the state's many rivers and streams. Even though a great deal of the state is mountainous, there is little snow and you can still fish in the mountain rivers throughout most of the year. These regions provide excellent opportunities for other outdoor things to do, such as hiking and hunting. If you're interested in Alabama fly fishing you will even find licensed guides who can help you find the best sites.

There is plenty of fishing in Alabama off the coast well, since the state is set on the Gulf of Mexico. When enjoying this sport, you can benefit from stretches of beautiful white sand beaches that line the entire Alabama coastline. Here, around Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, is where you will find many beach resorts that can assist with chartering Alabama deep sea fishing boats and guides.

If you're a deep sea enthusiast deciding when to go, you might want to consider the annual Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo that has been attracting competitors from around the country since 1928. As with other types of Alabama fishing seasons, the prime time for many of the species is during the winter while others are more prevalent in the summer. Unless you're a pro and familiar with the waters, it's suggested that you seek out Alabama fishing guides for this deep sea sport, and there are many to choose from.

Another type of fishing in Alabama is in the Mobile Delta, consisting of more than 20,000 acres of waterways, second in size only to the Mississippi River Delta. In addition to fishing, this beautiful region also provides hunting, hiking, and wildlife viewing opportunities as well as plenty of boat access. One of the most popular things to do in this region is to take a few days to follow the scenic Bartram Canoe Trail, which has both day and overnight trails for those who want to get some camping in with their fishing.

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