Florence Alabama

Florence Alabama is a small city in the northwest corner of the state, and it borders the Tennessee River not far from the state borders of Tennessee and Mississippi. Best known for its annual festivals, Florence Alabama is also a place where outdoor lovers will feel right at home. Relaxing at one of Florence's parks is a good way to pass the time when in town, and there are also some interesting historical sites and museums here that are worth checking out during your visit. Enjoying walking tours in the downtown area is a joy when you find yourself looking for things to do in Florence Alabama, and come spring, the city's neighborhoods are filled with flowering azaleas and dogwood trees. Once the mild winter passes, visitors who are exploring the downtown area can always stop by one of the Florence restaurants that offers outdoor tables on the sidewalk. A great place to live, Florence is also a great place to visit, so plan your trip today.

Of all the annual events that Florence Alabama is known for, the W.C. Handy Music Festival is widely considered to be the most popular, but that doesn't mean that the other ones aren't also worth planning your trip around. W.C. Handy, who is credited as being the Father of the Blues, was born in Florence in 1873, and he lived here in a log cabin until he reached the ripe old age of 19. The W.C. Handy Festival takes place in late July, and during its week-long run, you can expect to catch a lot of live blues and jazz performances. Some notable blues and jazz artists are known to show up for this lively event. You can see some of the top acts performing in the Norton Auditorium, which can be found on the University of North Alabama's campus. In addition to honoring one of its favorite sons with a festival, Florence also arranges annual music camps in his name, not to mention a new annual parade, which kicks off the main festival. Other notable people who were either born in or once resided in Florence Alabama include Sam Phillips, T.S. Stribling, and Dred Scott. Sam Phillips was the record producer who discovered Elvis Presley, while T.S. Stribling was a Pulitzer Prize winning author who completed his schooling at the Florence Normal School. As for Dred Scott, he was a slave who tried to win his freedom by bringing a case to court in 1857. His influence on the issue of slavery no doubt helped to sow the seeds of freedom for all African American citizens.

For those who are interested in historically significant people, visiting the Helen Keller House is one of the top things to do in Florence Alabama. The house is actually located in Tuscumbia, but the two cities are so close together that you could effectively lump them together. Known as Ivy Green, Keller's birthplace is now a museum. Among the things that you'll see here include original furnishings, books, and mementos, all of which were possessions of the Keller family. Every year in June, thousands of visitors come to Ivy Green for the Helen Keller Festival, which is a weeklong event that honors Keller's life and achievements. Other festivals that you can add to your list of things to do in Florence Alabama include the Alabama Renaissance Faire, which is held on the last weekend in October, and Arts Alive, which is a two-day event that takes place in May and features works from artists who hail from the southeastern part of the United States. There are plenty of other festivals and events to enjoy here as well, so checking the schedule is always a good idea when planning your trip.

There are a variety of intriguing Florence Alabama attractions that complement the city's annual festivals, and even if you can't catch one of the city's top events, you'll still find plenty to see and do. Among the top Florence Alabama attractions is the Rosenbaum House, which can be found on Riverview Drive. Built in 1939, this fascinating structure is the only Frank Lloyd Wright-designed residence in the state, and you can enjoy tours here five days out of the week. Should you be interested in learning more about the history of Alabama, and of the United States in general, the Florence Indian Mound and Museum is one of the Florence Alabama attractions that you certainly won't want to miss. Among the highlights at the Florence Indian Mound and Museum are the 43-foot tall lookout mound and the museum's Native American artifacts, some of which date back as far as 10,000 years ago. Other Florence Alabama attractions that might interest you include the Pope's Tavern and Museum and the Historic Wilson Dam. The former is a building that saw heavy use during the Civil War, while the latter spans the Tennessee River and was once the world's tallest single lock. Unfortunately, you can no longer enjoy tours at the Wilson Dam, though it surely warrants a look.

The list of things to do in Florence Alabama almost seems endless, especially when you consider the numerous parks and forested regions in the area. Hiking, birding, camping, and mountain biking are just some of the outdoor recreational possibilities to be enjoyed in and around Florence. Playing golf is another way to enjoy the outdoors, and you'll find two impressive golf courses here which pertain to the famed Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. Suffice it to say that you will likely need more than a few days if you plan on enjoying all the fun things to do in Florence Alabama. As such, you might want to add an extra night or two to your stay at one of the Florence hotels. As a side note, should you have lots of time to work with, you can also consider planning day trips to the nearby Alabama cities of Decatur and Huntsville during your Florence getaway, as both are none too far off to the east.



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