Mobile Alabama

When heading for the Alabama coast, the city of Mobile is an excellent place to stop along your journeys. The third largest city in the state, Mobile was once a French colony. It then became a British possession before falling into the hands of Spain for a period. Since joining the United States in the year 1813, Mobile Alabama has seen some interesting developments, including the time that it spent as a Confederate holding during the Civil War. These days, Mobile is a thriving cultural center, and if you though that Carnival could only be celebrated in places like Rio de Janeiro and Trinidad and Tobago, then you better reconsider. No city in the country has celebrated Carnival longer than Mobile, and it continues to be one of the top things that people plan Mobile vacations around. Even if you can't make it here for the Carnival celebrations, there are always plenty of interesting things to do in Mobile, so there's really never a bad time to visit.

Mobile Alabama can be found in the southern part of the state, and it rests on the banks of the Mobile Bay and the Mobile River. It is Alabama's only seaport, and the water has always been a source of the city's economic prosperities. Known as "The Port City", Mobile Alabama is both a busy place and a laid-back haven, so you can either kick back and relax during your visit, or go hunting for things to do. Since the introduction of the new cruise terminal here, Mobile has been seeing an increase in tourism, as it's quite a nice thing to experience both Mobile and the destinations that the cruise ships frequent. Various Alabama vacation packages include a stay in Mobile and a cruise, with the Caribbean being the most common destination for the cruise liners.

Not all Mobile visitors plan to attach a cruise to their itineraries, and the city is so chalk full of attractions that you might want to hang around for a bit to truly enjoy all that it has to offer. For starters, Mobile is home to a healthy array of museums, which include the Museum of Mobile and the Mobile Carnival Museum. More than 300 years of southern Alabama history is covered at the Museum of Mobile, and the Mobile Carnival Museum does well to offer a look into the city's top annual event. While both of these attractions in Mobile warrant inclusion on your itinerary, so too should the USS Alabama. Formerly a WWII battleship, the USS Alabama is now a National Historic Landmark, and visiting it is easily one of the top things to do in Mobile. This unique museum allows visitors to take a look inside the main gun turrets, among other things, and you can also view the bunk that famed Cleveland Indians pitcher, Bob Feller, once used when he did his tour of duty.

For fans of history, visiting Mobile's various museums is without question recommended, but you'll also enjoy a walk back through time when admiring the city's historic architecture. There are no less than 9 major historic districts that you can visit when enjoying Mobile vacations, and among the architectural styles that are featured include Greek Revival and Tudor Revival. Should you be enjoying a tour through the Lower Dauphin Street Historic District, you'll definitely want to make time for a stop at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, which was dedicated in 1850, and is an impressive example of the Roman basilica design. After taking in the church for a bit, you might stop for a break at Bienville Square, which is one of Mobile's best downtown parks. If nothing else, it's a great place to people watch. In addition to being a great place to relax for a while, Bienville Square is also an excellent place to enjoy some of the top annual Mobile events. It's here where the Christmastime "Lighting of the Trees" celebration takes place, and it's also here where the Bayfest Music Festival is held. You can catch plenty of big name acts during the Bayfest Music Festival, and for those who like music, planning Mobile vacations around it is definitely recommended.

The list of possible things to do in Mobile is too long to fully cover here, and it's not the kind of place where one is likely to get bored. In addition to the attractions and festivals listed so far, visitors can also treat themselves to a variety of fun outdoor recreational pursuits. The Bellingrath Gardens are an excellent place to be when the weather is nice, and among the things you'll get to enjoy here is a semitropical forest that covers an impressive 905 acres. Boating in the 5 Rivers area is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and there are various boat tour providers that can get you out on the water for a fun whirlaround. Hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking are just some of the other outdoor pursuits that can be enjoyed in and around Mobile, and you might as well add golf and fishing to the list as well. C'mon down to Mobile Alabama soon, and see why it and the corresponding Mobile Bay are among the top destinations in the entire state.

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