US Space and Rocket Center

There are few places in the nation where those who are interested in space exploration can truly delve into a world that is dedicated to it. Such is the case at the US Space and Rocket Center, which is without question one of the top attractions in Huntsville Alabama. America's space program is the focus of this intriguing museum, which is one of the top museums of its kind in the nation. One of the more interesting things about this intriguing Huntsville space museum is the fact that Dr. Wernher von Braun was the one who proposed its creation. Dr. von Braun was a pioneer when it came to sending the first man to the moon, and it was he who led the overall efforts. You can find the US Space and Rocket Center near the Marshall Space Flight Center, which is where NASA first established its operations.

Even if you are just remotely interested in space exploration, the US Space and Rocket Center is worth visiting during your Alabama vacation. Exhibits like Rocket Park are sure to impress most, if not all visitors, as the park features historical rockets that stand upright, reaching high into the sky. It's as if these rockets don't know that they've been retired. It appears that they are prepared for a mission to the far reaches of our solar system. In addition to rockets, the Rocket Garden also features missiles. Rocket Park is certainly not the only attraction to be found at the US Space and Rocket Center in Alabama. For those who wish they could travel to Mars, the Mars Mission, Mars Climbing Wall is a surefire pleaser. You'll need rubber-soled shoes to enjoy this exhibit, which aims to inform visitors all about the red planet. You'll even learn about Olympus Mons, which is located on Mars and is our solar system's tallest volcano!

Another exciting exhibit at the US Space and Rocket Center in Alabama, is Space Shot, where visitors can experience what it's like to actually launch into space in a rocket. You won't actually be going to space, of course, but this simulator does well to mimic the moment of take off. Because of the 4 Gs that you'll experience on lift off, this ride is not exactly intended for the faint of heart. You must be at least 54 inches tall to ride the Space Shot, so if you're shorter than that and are a bit intimidated, you'll have a perfect excuse. The G-Force Accelerator is somewhat akin to Space Shot, as it also exerts some Gs on your body. While it's only 3 Gs instead of 4 on this ride, the experience is still exhilarating, and you might not even notice the difference when you experience both of these rambunctious rides.

While some of the experiences at the US Space and Rocket Center aren't tailored for children, there are some that are, so kids will enjoy the place as much as adults will. Young, wannabee astronauts are bound to have fun at the Kids Cosmos Energy Depletion Zone, where they crawl around in a replica rocket and imagine themselves landing on a far off space station. In addition to the various ride-like experiences at the Huntsville Space Museum, or Rocket Center if you prefer, visitors can check out the newer Davidson Center for Space Exploration, which features an auditorium and a Saturn V rocket. You can learn about past space missions and even find out what might be on the horizon when it comes to plans for future space programs. More thrills are had in the Davidson Center for Space Exploration's 3D Digital Theater, which shows a number of feature presentations. Getting back to kids, they are also sure to enjoy a sojourn at United States Space Camp, which not only offers space-related camp programs for them to enjoy, but for adults as well.

The U.S. Space Camp is among the highlights at the Huntsville Space Museum and Rocket Center, and its mission is to promote the sciences, space exploration, and general aviation. Various programs of different lengths are on offer at the Space Camp, and some are ideal for both kids and adults, allowing families to enjoy various experiences without having to split up. Should you book a Space Camp project that lasts more than one day, there are lodging arrangements for both kids and adults. In the kids' building, supervision is supplied around the clock. You're never too old to have fun at the US Rocket Center in Alabama, and you'll never forget the experiences that you'll be treated to here, regardless of your age.

Top image: Alabama Bureau of Tourism & Travel/Dan Brothers
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