Talladega Alabama

Only some 15,000 people call Talladega Alabama home, and these lucky folks enjoy a laid-back kind of lifestyle that many big city dwellers only dream about. One of the great things about Talladega Alabama is the fact that it's only about 50 miles east of Birmingham, where many interesting attractions await visitors. Even if you don't make it over to Birmingham, however, the Talladega attractions should be enough to keep you busy for a while. From the great outdoors to fast-paced car racing, Talladega offers quite a bit in the way of variety, so plan your trip to this scenic part of the state and see for yourself just how fun Talladega travel can be.

The Talladega Superspeedway is without question the biggest attraction in Talladega Alabama, and car racing fanatics consider it to be one of the top racetracks in the land. It's certainly the largest racetrack in the Spring Cup Series, which helps to make it notable. Two Sprint Cup Series races are held at the Talladega Superspeedway every year, and it also serves as the venue for an annual Nationwide Series race. Should you be looking for things to do in Talladega, you can consider attending one of these races, but since they are limited in number you might find it hard to arrange your trip accordingly. For car racing fans who visit Talladega when no races are being held at the Superspeedway, the International Motorsports Hall of Fame is adjacent to the track. Among the exhibits that visitors to the International Motorsports Hall of Fame can enjoy include the International Motorsports Hall of Fame and a unique collection of historical vehicles. One of the more significant cars on display here is an STP Dodge Charger, which Richard Petty drove to 31 wins and 16 pole positions. As a side note, car racing fans can consider booking a stay at one of the Talladega Superspeedway hotels if they want to be close to the track and the museum.

Since Talladega Alabama is so tied to car racing, many visitors might be wondering what other racing-related attractions they can include during their trip. In downtown Talladega, one whole city block is dedicated to the Talladega Walk of Fame, which honors some of the top names in car racing history. The Talladega Walk of Fame is open daily and doesn't cost a cent to enjoy, which helps to make it one of the top overall Talladega attractions. Once you've had your fill of the racing-related Talladega attractions, you might be wondering what else you can get into when in town. If you like the great outdoors then you're in luck, as Talladega offers proximity to some of the most beautiful parts of the state. Between Cheaha State Park and DeSoto Caverns Park, those seeking outdoor recreation will have plenty to enjoy.

Cheaha State Park is an ideal place to go hiking. It's here where you'll find Cheaha Mountain, which tops out at 2,407 feet and is the highest point in the state. Regardless of the time of year, the views from atop Cheaha Mountain are sublime. The Talladega National Forest surrounds Cheaha Mountain, and come autumn the changing colors offer a most dazzling display. Outdoor lovers who are looking for things to do in Talladega can consider doing some hiking, fishing, and camping in Cheaha State Park, among other things. Also, if you're looking to rent a cabin in Alabama, the ones you'll find here are quite nice. So nice are these cabins, in fact, that you might consider passing on the Talladega hotels altogether.

In addition to staying in one of the cabins at Cheaha State Park, visitors can also consider renting a larger chalet or one of the rooms in the park's lodge. Camping is also possible if you are interested. Should camping be something that you enjoy, you can also head over to DeSoto Caverns Park to find some campsites as well. Exploring the Big Cave is one of the top things to do while visiting DeSoto Caverns Park, but that's not all you can get into here. Since there are more than 20 different attractions here, those looking for an array of fun things to do in Talladega won't be disappointed. Before or after you explore the Big Cave, you might try to navigate the Lost Trail Maze or try your luck at Happy's Hoops, which is a ten-hoop basketball course that somewhat resembles a miniature golf course. Speaking of golf, there are bunch of nice courses within easy reach of Talladega if you're looking to get a round in during your visit, so don't forget those clubs!

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